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Mortgages guides

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How to Get a Mortgage if You're Self-Employed - Uswitch.com

If you work for yourself as a freelancer or contractor or are classed as self employed and are looking for a mortgage? Read our self-employed mortgage guide

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Mortgages for holiday lets. With the right mortgage you could buy a stone cottage on a pretty country road like this one. Perfect to let out to holiday makers or on AirBNB

Mortgages for Holiday Lets - Uswitch Guide to Holiday Lets

Learn more about financing holiday home properties. Looking for a holiday let mortgage? Find out if you could get a mortgage for a holiday home

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Paying off your mortgage early: pros and cons

Can you pay off a mortgage early?

Is paying a mortgage off early always a good thing? We explain what your options are, and the benefits if you want to clear your mortgage ahead of time. We also explain what the alternatives are if the repayment penalty is just too costly.

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How to get a second mortgage

Second Home Mortgages - Uswitch explains

A second home mortgage is a mortgage for buying a second home - not to be confused with getting a remortgage or second charge mortgage.

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Self build mortgages

Self build mortgages

Self build mortgages can give you the financing you need to make that dream home a reality.

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Moving home tips

Moving home tips | Your guide to moving home - Uswitch

Moving home can be among the most stressful things to do, but a lot of that stress can be mitigated by a bit of planning in advance.

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Remortgaging guide

Remortgaging: The Best Deals and Debt Consolidation

Remortgaging your property can offer a better deal on your monthly repayments or a chance to consolidate your debts. Compare remortgage deals with Uswitch.

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Are cashback mortgages worth it?

Should You Get Your Mortgage From Your Bank?

Your bank already knows your circumstances and can get an idea of your reliability with less effort when it comes to assessing your mortgage application

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Young couple surrounded by boxes after porting their mortgage

Porting Your Mortgage - Keep Your Mortgage on The Move

If you are moving home you might be able to keep your existing mortgage and move it over to your new property - this is known as porting

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Person using a laptop and phone with a credit card thinking about making a mortgage overpayment

Should you make mortgage overpayments?

Mortgage overpayments can save you thousands of pounds in interest, but there are some potential fees to consider before doing so - Read the Uswitch Guide

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Owner of a florist shop considering getting a mortgages that's suitable for a contractor, self employed person or owner of a limited company

Mortgages for Contractor, Self Employed or a Limited Company

Mortgage affordability criteria requires a proof of regular salary, sufficient income enough to meet your mortgage repayments

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How can you get mortgage with bad credit?

Remortgage to get a buy to let property

Remortgaging to buy a rental property, or buy to let property, could be one way to raise enough cash to get the deposit for a buy to let mortgage

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