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Mortgages guides

Statistics on UK government schemes for first-time buyers 2023

Government schemes for first-time buyers statistics 2023

Click here for the latest statistics on UK government schemes for first-time buyers for 2023, as well as mortgage rates for first-time buyers and stamp duty statistics.

An olive-skinned man with black hair and beard and a grey sweater stands in front of a blank grey wall with his right arm raised behind his head and a look of deep confusion

Mortgage Terminology - A to Z - What You Need to Know

Mortgage jargon and terminology used to describe the home buying process explained

A young man in a wheelchair sits in a lounge holding a sign that has 'new home' written in chalk. He is surrounded by furniture and is smiling widely.

Can You Get A Mortgage On Disability Benefits

Having a long-term illness or disability shouldn’t prevent you from getting a mortgage, but it is more difficult to get a mortgage on benefits alone. We'll look at all you need to know

woman holding jar of coins signifying savings

Capital Gains Tax Allowance

Capital gains tax is a tax on the profit you make when selling or disposing of an asset. The tax is only charged on the profit, i.e. the gains.

two people at home sorting out their bills

Should you pay off your mortgage early? | Uswitch

Is paying your mortgage off early always a good thing? We explain your options and the pros and cons of repaying your mortgage before the end of the term

Feature image with the title: UK mortgage statistics, 2023 and background of someone holding a set of keys outside a house.

UK Mortgage Statistics 2023 - Mortgage Facts and Stats Report

We’ve collated the latest UK mortgage statistics and trends for 2023, covering mortgage approvals, transactions, arrears, interest rates, and more.

Getting a Mortgage When You’re Older

Maximum Age For A Mortgage

Past 50 your mortgage options begin to change, but there are still plenty of options. Check out our guide to mortgages for older borrowers to find out more

A young couple stand in front of a vacant property with a small areas of grass and some trees in the front garden. Another man is going through a checklist with them on a clipboard. All 3 are smiling

How To Become A Landlord

Investing in buy to let property can be profitable, but do you know all of the requirements of being a landlord and how to get started? Our guide will help

A person dressed in a suit has just their abdomen and hand visible. Their hand is raised up in a refusal position and in the foreground, someone else is offering up a fan of note currency.

No Deposit Mortgages | Get A Mortgage With Zero Deposit

No deposit mortgages give you a 100% Loan to Value loan and are aimed at customers who do not have a deposit. We share whether these are still available and how to get one

A red paper cut out of a house is laid onto a wooden desk. There are 4 hands from different people surrounding the house, each holding a paper cutout shaped like a jigsaw piece

Family assist mortgages

Could a family assisted mortgage help get you onto the property ladder sooner? We explore how they work, who can get one and which lenders offer them.

HMRC building collecting stamp duty

Paying stamp duty | How much does it cost?

Stamp duty is a tax applied to certain property purchases. Find out if it will affect you and how much you may have to pay.

UK remortgage statistics 2023

UK Remortgage Statistics 2023 - UK Remortgaging Facts and Stats Report

The latest UK remortgage statistics for 2023, covering UK remortgage market figures, UK remortgage interest rate statistics, associated remortgage costs for 2023, and more.