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Mortgages guides

Haunted hotel

Study reveals the world’s best haunted hotels

If you believe in the paranormal and are looking to connect with the “other side”, the experts at Uswitch have created an index to find out which haunted hotels provide scarily good stays.

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San Francisco homes

Living near a famous property can increase your house value by 253%

Films and TV shows have introduced us to many iconic properties. But can living near a famous home increase your house value and, if so, by how much? Uswitch investigates.

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Colour palette for decorating

The colour palettes of our favourite celebrity homes

Colourful walls and bold prints, old-school glamour, or a neutral oasis away from the spotlight? Uswitch sought to identify the colour palettes of our favourite celebrity homes from Robert Downey Jr to Kendall Jenner.

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Gold Hill, Dorset

The world’s most beautiful villages, according to social media

Uswitch has discovered which villages are the most beautiful in the world by assessing their popularity across social media.

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City park

How much could living near a park add to the value of your home?

Does living in close proximity to a park have a positive effect on property value? The experts at Uswitch.com analysed more than 90,000 recent property sales to find out.

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House and pennies

When can you remortgage?

You should look to remortgage to a new deal when your current introductory mortgage rate is close to ending, but not before - to understand why, read our Uswitch guide.

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House valuation - how to get a house valuation. Image of an estate agent valuing a property

House valuation - how to get a house valuation

A house valuation will tell you about the property and how much it might potentially cost. Our guide explains how to get a free house valuation.

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Ice cream cone in city

The best European capitals for foodies

Knowing where in Europe is best for food can be the deciding factor for food lovers when choosing their next trip. To make the decision easier, we discovered which European capital cities are best for foodies in our latest research.

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Paying off your mortgage early: pros and cons

Should I pay off my mortgage early?

Is paying a mortgage off early always a good thing? We explain what your options are, and the benefits if you want to clear your mortgage ahead of time. We also explain what the alternatives are if the repayment penalty is just too costly.

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Biggest mortgage lenders in the uk. Building with 'bank' written on the facade in gold lettering

Who are the biggest mortgage lenders in the UK?

The largest UK mortgage providers are often Lloyds, Santander, Nationwide, Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland and HSBC

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Orange kitchen and patterned tiled backsplash.

Home trends: The most popular colours to paint your kitchen in 2021

A classic white, comfortable grey or a daring yellow kitchen? Uswitch found the most popular colours to paint your kitchen in 2021 in their latest research.

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Are cashback mortgages worth it?

How long does it take to get a mortgage?

The time it takes to get a mortgage will depend on a number of factors: having good credit rating, reliable and steady income, mortgage valuation survey. Find out more with our comprehensive guide.

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