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Feature image with the title: UK mortgage statistics, 2022 and background of someone holding a set of keys outside a house.

UK Mortgage Statistics 2022

We’ve collated the latest UK mortgage statistics and trends for 2022, covering mortgage approvals, transactions, arrears, interest rates, and more.

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Image of a street/ row of houses with the overlay 'the royal street names that add the most value to your property'

The royal street names that add most value to your home

With the UK’s royal obsession showing no signs of waning, Uswitch reveals which royal street names could boost your property value the most.

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The best places to buy a holiday home in the UK

Did you know you can boost earnings and vacation time by owning a holiday home? Uswitch reveals the best places to buy a holiday home in the UK

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Image of city with phone in foreground

The best European cities for Airbnb mortgages

As Airbnb continues to grow, more of us are renting out our spare rooms, garages and homes for extra income. But can you earn enough to pay off your mortgage? Uswitch investigates.

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The best European countries for nature lovers to live

As well as its vibrant cities, Europe also boasts many stunning nature retreats. Uswitch uncovered the best European countries for nature lovers to live.

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Europe’s best lake towns and cities

Discover Europe’s best lake towns and cities for lakeside living, and which regions of Europe to visit if you want to be by water.

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The most on-trend eco-home renovations revealed

With environmental safety more publicised than ever, the demand for eco-friendly home renovations is on the rise. Uswitch reveals which renovations are trending the most online, and how much each one could add to the value of your home.

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The most popular interior trends across Europe

Interior décor is an important part of designing your home. Interested in finding out the most popular styles across Europe, Uswitch analysed Google search results for the most commonly-searched interior trends of the past year.

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Study Reveals: The Most Cultured Spots in Europe

From Paris to Berlin, a run down of the most cultured spots in Europe from the mortgage experts at Uswitch.

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How much longer do women have to save to buy a home?

How much longer would it take women to buy a house in each European country compared to men? Uswitch analysed house price data and the salary gap between men and women to find out.

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Which popular Airbnb amenities increase listing values the most?

From valet parking to record players, properties listed on Airbnb offer a vast range of amenities to attract guests. But which favourite features increase the value of an Airbnb property the most?

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How much would it cost to recreate these famous fictional bedrooms?

Fictional bedroom designs are a huge source of inspiration, but how much do they cost to recreate? Find out in our latest study.

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