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Which provider is best for customer service?

When you’re choosing a broadband provider, speed, price and usage limits are always among your chief considerations. But arguably customer service should be just as significant.

Let’s assume something goes wrong with your broadband connection. We've got some quick fixes that may help you that you can try here. But really at those times, you’ll need a provider that gets you reconnected and back up to speed quickly.

Of course, if you’re looking for technical support or asking about services, you’ll want helpful, knowledgeable customer care staff that can get you the answers you need too.

And it’s vital that the company’s call centre competently deal with any complaints you have and aren’t just interested in earning commission.

Perhaps the best measure of a broadband supplier’s customer service is Ofcom’s quarterly report. This names and shames providers that received the most complaints. And highlights those that impressed with the fewest customer complaints too.

Below, we’ve listed all the results, so you can see which providers are consistently performing well and which home broadband suppliers you might want to think twice about.

For reference, the tables show the companies which got the got the fewest and most complaints per 100,000 customers.

Ofcom home broadband complaints (July to September 2015)

Most complaints Amount (High > Low)
EE 45
Plusnet 37
BT 35
TalkTalk 33
Industry Average 22
Sky 7
Virgin Media 6

Ofcom home broadband complaints (April to June 2015)

Most complaints Amount (Low > High)
Sky 5
Virgin Media 7
Industry Average 16
Plusnet 20
BT 22
TalkTalk 27
EE 45

Ofcom home broadband complaints (January to March)

Most complaints Amount (Low > High)
Sky 4
Virgin Media 9
Industry Average 18
Plusnet 22
BT 25
TalkTalk 27
EE 51

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