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Uswitch broadband customer survey 2022

Find out which broadband providers are considered the best for a range of different reasons. Whether it's speed, price, reliability or TV options, our rankings show who is leading the pack in each department.

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Customer survey results

Here are all of the providers included in our provider survey and the scores they received from their customers.

Each section was scored using a 1-5 rating system.


Average score: 3.72

Customer service: 3.97 (HIGHEST)

Value for money: 3.76 (HIGHEST)

Internet speed: 3.67

Reliability: 3.86

Router & equipment: 3.67

Installation: 3.97

Landline: 3.71 | Mobile: 3.84

Price rise clarity: 3.16

Customer loyalty: 3.63

EE logo

EE broadband

Average score: 3.72

Customer service: 3.91

Value for money: 3.67

Internet speed: 3.74

Reliability: 3.77

Router & equipment: 3.69

Installation: 3.81 (LOWEST)

Landline: 3.72 (HIGHEST) | Mobile: 3.87

Price rise clarity: 3.22

Customer loyalty: 3.77 (HIGHEST)

Review coming soon...

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Average score: 3.69

Customer service: 3.78

Value for money: 3.73

Internet speed: 3.78

Reliability: 3.76

Router & equipment: 3.69

Installation: 3.98

Landline: 3.65 | Mobile: 3.82

Price rise clarity: 3.20

Customer loyalty: 3.69

Review coming soon...


Average score: 3.65

Customer service: 3.76

Value for money: 3.35

Internet speed: 3.80

Reliability: 3.89 (HIGHEST)

Router & equipment: 3.71 (HIGHEST)

Installation: 3.95

TV 3.63 | Landline 3.71 | Mobile 3.84

Price rise clarity: 3.17

Customer loyalty: 3.61

sky logo


Average score: 3.65

Customer service: 3.76

Value for money: 3.39

Internet speed: 3.71

Reliability: 3.74

Router & equipment: 3.65

Installation: 4.02 (HIGHEST)

TV 3.82 (HIGHEST) | Landline 3.46 | Mobile 3.90 (HIGHEST)

Price rise clarity: 3.06

Customer loyalty: 3.61

virgin media logo

Virgin Media

Average score: 3.5

Customer service: 3.44

Value for money: 3.22

Internet speed: 3.84 (HIGHEST)

Reliability: 3.56

Router & equipment: 3.5

Installation: 3.95

TV 3.56 | Landline 3.32 | Mobile 3.72

Price rise clarity: 3.1

Customer loyalty: 3.46


Average score: 3.49

Customer service: 3.46

Value for money: 3.50

Internet speed: 3.56 (LOWEST)

Reliability: 3.58 (LOWEST)

Router & equipment: 3.50 (LOWEST)

Installation: 3.84

TV 3.47 (LOWEST) | Landline 3.71

Price rise clarity: 2.98 (LOWEST)

Customer loyalty: 3.41 (LOWEST)

Broadband providers we compare

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Virgin MediaBTTalkTalkSkyPlusnetEE
VodafoneNOW BroadbandOriginGigaclear


In August 2022, we asked 10,007 UK broadband customers to rate a number of aspects of their broadband provider's service, in a nationally-representative survey conducted via SurveyMonkey.

Respondents were asked to rate their personal experience with these different aspects on a scale of 1-5.

  • 1 = 'Very poor' or 'Not at all satisfied'

  • 5 = 'Very good' or 'Extremely satisfied'

To achieve trustworthy responses about each broadband provider, participants were given the question 'Who manages your household bills?'. If they either manage or jointly manage their household bills, they were allowed to continue with the survey. If they selected a different answer, their response wasn't recorded as part of the 10,007.

There were also a number of top-line multiple choice demographic questions that we included to add more detail to the responses and identify any notable trends in the answer data. However, this data has not been split out in the overall scores shown above.

The scores displayed for each provider are weighted averages from every respondent who selected their provider at the start of the survey. The overall score displayed for each provider is an average of the 10-11 scores provided by customers for each aspect of its service.

Since the Additional Services question asked for up to three responses depending on which ones each provider also offered, some providers' averages were calculated out of 10 and others were calculated out of 11.

More broadband providers were included in this survey, but we have not shared their results publicly yet.

List of questions

Here is a full list of the broadband-related questions we include in our customer satisfaction survey.

  • Which broadband provider are you with?

  • How would you rate your broadband provider's customer service?

  • How would you rate your broadband provider's value for money?

  • How would you rate the internet speed you get from your provider?

  • How would you rate the reliability of your provider's internet connection?

  • How satisfied are you with the home equipment your provider supplied (with examples)

  • [With qualifying question] How would you rate the installation of your provider's broadband connection?

  • [With qualifying question] How satisfied are you with the additional services you receive from your provider?

  • [With qualifying question] How clear was your provider's price increase communicated to you?

  • How likely are you to stay with your provider when your contract finishes?

  • [With qualifying question] Why are you likely to stay with your provider?

  • [With qualifying question] Why are you unlikely to stay with your provider?

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