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Uswitch broadband customer survey 2024

Find out which broadband providers are considered the best for a range of different reasons. Whether it's speed, price, reliability or customer service, our rankings show who is leading the pack in each department.

Customer survey results

Here are all of the providers included in our provider survey and the scores they received from their customers.

Each section was scored using a 1-5 rating system.

Numbers in bold are the highest scores recorded out of the top eight providers. Numbers underlined are the lowest.

plusnet logo


Overall score4.06
Customer service3.88
Value for money3.98
Internet speed3.97
Home equipment4.09

Plusnet broadband review

sky logo


Average score3.99
Customer service3.77
Value for money3.73
Internet speed3.89
Home equipment4.04

Sky broadband review

bt logo


Overall score3.98
Customer service3.78
Value for money3.69
Internet speed4.02
Home equipment4.08

BT broadband review

vodafone logo


Average score3.91
Customer service3.67
Value for money3.92
Internet speed3.98
Home equipment4.06

Vodafone broadband review

ee logo

EE broadband

Overall score3.91
Customer service3.85
Value for money3.91
Internet speed3.88
Home equipment3.97

EE broadband review

Now broadband logo

NOW Broadband

Average score3.88
Customer service3.49
Value for money3.87
Internet speed3.77
Home equipment3.92

Review coming soon...

talktalk logo


Average score3.86
Customer service3.49
Value for money3.8
Internet speed3.86
Home equipment3.98

TalkTalk broadband review

virgin media logo

Virgin Media

Average score3.84
Customer service3.49
Value for money3.55
Internet speed4.08
Home equipment3.92

Virgin Media broadband review


In December 2023, we asked 20,000 UK adults who are responsible for their home broadband to rate a number of aspects of their provider's service, in a nationally-representative survey conducted via Opinium.

Respondents were asked to rate their personal experience with these different aspects on a scale of 1-5.

  • 1 = 'Very dissatisfied'

  • 5 = 'Very satisfied'

The scores displayed for each provider are weighted averages from every respondent who selected their provider at the start of the survey. The overall score displayed for each provider is an average of the nine scores provided by customers for the questions listed below.

More broadband providers were included in this survey, but their responses didn't meet our 2% minimum threshold to use their survey data.

The data gathered above was part of a wider Uswitch survey to determine the winners of the Uswitch Telecoms Awards for 2024. Some of these awards were influenced by the number of sales each provider received on Uswitch. However, Uswitch sales were not a consideration in the interpretation of the survey data for the customer ratings in broadband provider reviews.

List of questions from Uswitch broadband provider reviews

Here is a full list of the broadband-related questions that determined our survey data for the Uswitch broadband provider reviews. Each question asked the customer to rate their experience on a 1-5 scale.

  • Which, if any, of the following products and services do you have decision-making involvement for in your household (either FULL decision-making or SHARED decision-making responsibility)?

  • Which company provides your main home broadband access?

  • How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with how your home broadband provider performs on each of the following?

  • Reliability (i.e. how stable and consistent your broadband connection is)

  • Customer Service

  • Provider communication (consider notifications/alerts regarding changes to your service and/or price)

  • Value for money (please consider price, service and any perks or benefits)

  • Internet speed

  • Ease of set up / home installation

  • Home equipment (e.g. routers, boosters)

  • Overall experience

Uswitch broadband provider reviews

Read our expert reviews of all of the UK's biggest broadband providers.