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BT Ultrafast fibre broadband packages: 5 things you need to know

BT Ultrafast fibre broadband packages: 5 things you need to know

BT has launched two new ultrafast fibre broadband packages. Not only do they offer blazingly fast speeds, they’re also the first with a 100Mbps speed guarantee.

In other words, BT is so confident in its new offerings, that if your speed drops below 100Mbps it’ll compensate you financially.

Both packages are aimed at busy households where all family members go online at once. They have enough capacity to meet all your streaming, gaming, browsing and downloading needs.

So what else do you need to know? Read on for the full details.

1 Guaranteed 100Mbps broadband speeds

speedy gonzales

Both offerings come with a 100Mbps guarantee, making them the first fibre broadband packages to do so.

That means the speed you actually get in your home shouldn’t ever drop below 100Mbps. And if it does, BT will give you £20 compensation.

Nice to see a broadband company putting its money where its mouth is.

BT claims it’s 10 times faster than the average UK broadband speed at peak times.

Ultrafast 2 is the speedier of the two. It gives you speeds of up to 314Mbps. Ultrafast 1 is less nippy, giving speeds up to 152Mbps. But it’s still no slouch.

These speeds mean you can download an HD film in just 2 minutes 48 seconds on Ultrafast Fibre 2, and in five minutes 37 seconds on Ultrafast Fibre 1.

That’s much faster than the 56 minutes 11 seconds it would take on the UK’s average standard broadband at peak times.

2 1TB cloud storage

cloud storage

Both packages come with 1TB of cloud storage. 1TB is 1,000GB, or the size of a very large computer hard drive.

A 128GB memory card can hold 400 minutes of 4K movies, 960 photos and 96 music albums.

With almost eight times that storage at your disposal, you shouldn’t have any trouble backing up all your content for years to come. And all at no extra charge.

3 You get BT's new Smart Hub X router

Both packages come with BT’s new Smart Hub X router, which BT claims is the UK’s most powerful wi-fi router.

It looks very much like the standard Smart Hub router, but has a built-in modem and an extra telephone port.

Other free extras include unlimited usage, line rental, access to BT’s 5-million-strong network of wi-fi hotspots, BT Parental Controls and BT Virus Protect. Contracts run for 18 months.

4 Prices start from a shade over £50

Ultrafast Fibre 1 costs £54.99 a month, while Ultrafast Fibre 2 will set you back £59.99 a month.

Both also have a one-off set-up fee of £59.99.

For a limited time, BT is including a BT Reward Card worth £110 with orders of either package. But this is a limited offer, so check before you buy.

5 Availability is limited at the moment

BT’s Ultrafast broadband supports both the hybrid fibre and full fibre FTTP technologies. However, these are only available to around a quarter of a million UK households at the moment.

To see if your home is covered, enter your postcode in BT's availability checker.

BT claims these technologies will reach 10 million UK homes by the end of 2020. So if you’re not currently covered, hopefully you soon will be.

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