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Sky aims to boost "industry-leading" customer service experience

Sky has pledged to drive further improvements to its "industry-leading" customer service experience.

The provider has confirmed that it plans to step up the use of bots to further automate customer messaging.

This, it said, will free up the time of its service agents so they can focus on solving more complex customer issues.

Sky also plans to introduce Optimal Character Recognition technology to assist in-home diagnostic tests.

In addition, a new scheduling system will be launched, to enable it to offer same-day or short notice engineer visits.

Sky went on to state that it wants to continue focusing on "root cause identification and fix of issues, including redesigning customer journeys".

The company said these measures will bolster "the best front-line service delivery from the number one brand" and "further extend our leadership position".

Sky added that the high standard of its customer service has been recognised by Ofcom, as it has received the lowest level of complaints in the watchdog's quarterly report for nine consecutive quarters.

According to Ofcom, Sky was the subject of just five complaints per 100,000 customers during the fourth quarter of 2017 - easily beating the industry average of 16 complaints per 100,000 subscribers.

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