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BT extends Complete Wi-Fi offer to all fibre customers

BT extends Complete Wi-Fi offer to all fibre customers

Internet supplier BT has made its Complete Wi-Fi package available to all customers on its fibre packages, enabling more people to enjoy high-speed wireless connectivity wherever they are in the home.

The service was initially launched in November exclusively for those who signed up to the BT Plus service, but now all new customers of the firm's Superfast Fibre Essential, Superfast Fibre or Superfast Fibre 2 plans will be able to enjoy the offering for an additional £10 per month.

Complete Wi-Fi uses unique Wi-Fi Hub discs, which pair with BT's Smart Hub 2 router to extend the wireless signal to more parts of a home, as well as increasing the speed available.

BT claims the technology lets customers stream HD video content faster and in more places, with a typical four-bedroom home being able to see an increase in Wi-Fi speeds of up to 25 per cent throughout the property with just one disc.

The service also benefits from BT's connection guarantee. This means that, while new customers signing up for Complete Wi-Fi will initially receive one Wi-Fi disc to connect to their Smart Hub 2, BT will send up to two more discs free of charge if the first does not provide a strong signal in every room.

If users are still not satisfied with the range of their Wi-Fi signal after this, they will be entitled to a refund of £20.

Pete Oliver, Managing Director of Marketing for BT's Consumer division, said having a strong Wi-Fi connection throughout the home is essential for modern families, whatever they’re doing with their broadband connection.

Indeed, recent research by the company revealed 43 per cent of people believe poor Wi-Fi restricts their home life, while more than half of families (52 per cent) are put off living in, or buying, a house with wireless black spots.

"Complete Wi-Fi has been hugely popular for those on BT Plus, and we want even more customers to benefit from the very best connection in every corner of their home, so we’ve now also made it available to all BT fibre broadband customers," Mr Oliver continued.

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