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Everyone will need gigabit broadband, CityFibre claims

Everyone will need gigabit broadband, CityFibre claims

Every home in the UK is likely to be able to benefit from the introduction of ultrafast gigabit broadband in the coming years, one of the companies working to roll out the technology has stated.

In a piece for Computer Weekly, Head of Marketing - Portfolio and Engagement at CityFibre Caroline Hughes said that while most of the reactions to gigabit-capable broadband - which can provide speeds some 50 times faster the current UK average - are positive, there are still some who doubt whether such speeds are needed.

However, she stated that in the coming years, such solutions will become more necessary than ever, particularly as the size of downloads continues to increase.

For instance, recent research by CityFibre suggested that it would take longer for the average UK customer to download the latest Call of Duty game than it would to fly to the developer's headquarters in California and play it there.

"But my main sympathy doesn't actually sit with the poor soul waiting over 12 hours for their download," Ms Hughes continued. "It sits firmly with the tortured mother, brother or flatmate who’s trying to do what is now relatively ‘normal stuff’ online at the same time."

However, it's not just entertainment where gigabit speeds will be important. Ms Hughes said this technology will aso underpin more basic needs. She highlighted better digital health and social care and remote learning as just two areas where faster speeds will enable much more effective solutions.

People may have many different reasons for needing better connectivity, from watching the latest movies in 4K to starting a home-based business. But past experience indicates that technology does not stand still, so whatever a person wants to do, it will be important that the right infrastructure foundation is in place to allow this.

"For many, the desire for those higher speeds is already here and for a large percentage of the rest, technology will drive them there in the blink of an eye," Ms Hughes concluded.

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