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Vodafone takes the lead on better broadband project

Phone and internet supplier Vodafone is set to take a primary role in a new project to improve broadband networks that will focus on issues other than faster speeds.

The Broadband Quality Experience Delivered initiative has been launched by the Broadband Forum, but it will be Vodafone that will be at the forefront of the scheme, along with Predictable Network Solutions.

Its goal will be to look beyond speeds and address issues such as reliability, latency and consistency in order to deliver improved services to consumers.

Gavin Young, Head of Vodafone's Fixed Access Centre of Excellence, said the aim will be to create an "invisible network" that end-users do not even notice, but will always be there in the background.

"As an industry, we've increased the speed of broadband to one gigabit and beyond, which is a remarkable achievement, but we now have to look beyond speed," he stated.

"We want to get to a place where everything just works. That means we need to improve other aspects of quality, such as latency, consistency, predictability and reliability, ultimately moving from a fast network to an invisible network."

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