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Mobile broadband provider Relish rebrands to Three

Mobile broadband provider Relish rebrands to Three

he name of mobile broadband provider Relish is set to disappear in the coming weeks as the firm is rebranded to reflect its new owner, Three.

The mobile and broadband group acquired Relish - which operates mainly in and around London - in 2017, but has until now kept the identity of the older firm.

However, reports this is changing to bring it under Three's banner, as part of the firm's efforts to bolster its mobile broadband network ahead of the arrival of 5G services later this year.

Relish, which had around 15,000 subscribers at the time of its acquisition, is somewhat of a niche player due to its limited coverage network. But what it does have, which is likely to be of particular interest to Three, is valuable mobile spectrum that could be used to deliver high-speed wireless broadband services.

Three has been vocal about its ambitions to harness 5G and the acquisition provided it with around 144MHz of 5G-capable spectrum, which it intends to use to deploy a new mobile and fixed wireless broadband service.

For now, the change is mainly cosmetic, as Relish stated in a note to customers. It said: "We’re rebranding to get ready for the future, a future which is only possible with Three. You’ll still have the same cracking service, price plan, My Account and support you’ve been used to from our lovely Relish team."

However, the coming months may reveal more about Three's plans for the provider, and in particular the valuable mobile spectrum it uses.

Last year, Chief Executive at Three Dave Dyson said: "5G delivers a huge increase in capacity together with ultra-low latency. It opens up new possibilities in home broadband and industrial applications, as well as being able to support the rapid growth in mobile data usage."

Relish currently offers 12-month or one-month rolling contracts with unlimited data for £22 a month at average speeds of 20Mbps.

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