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Now TV launches offline viewing for iOS and Android

Now TV launches offline viewing for iOS and Android

Streaming service Now TV has launched a new feature that will allow users of its iOS and Android mobile apps to download TV shows and movies and watch them offline later.

Plans for this capability were first announced back in January last year, with the promise that it would be available by the end of 2018. And while Now TV may have missed that goal by a month, it has finally arrived.

A spokesperson for the company told T3: "You can download content on all iOS and Android devices compatible with Now TV for on-the-go viewing. Any customer can manually download an updated version of the Now TV app in order to get access to the Downloads functionality."

The functionality is available across the firm's Entertainment, Sky Cinema and Hayu passes and lets users take their favourite shows with them to places where they might not be able to depend on a reliable mobile or Wi-Fi signal, such as long train or plane journeys, or the morning Tube commute.

To download a show, all consumers have to do is navigate to it on their iOS or Android app and tap the download icon in the top right-hand corner of the info screen.

However, not all content will be available for offline viewing due to rights issues, so if the button is greyed out, it will be unavailable to download.

Beyond that, there are are a couple of restrictions as to what you can do with downloaded content. For instance, you can only download each episode of a show twice, while downloaded shows can only be viewed on the original device - there's no ability to transfer them to another screen.

You'll also have to keep signed in, as any downloads saved to your smartphone or tablet will be removed as soon as you sign out of your Now TV account on that device.

Finally, users have up to 30 days to begin watching any downloaded content - after which, it will be available for 48 hours before disappearing automatically.

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