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Sky customers warned to expect price increases

Sky customers warned to expect price increases

Customers of Sky's TV and broadband services could expect to see a price hike in the coming weeks as the firm announces its annual increases.

According to, the exact size of the rise will be revealed next week, before being introduced from April 1st, as was the case last year.

The site suggested that, based on past increases, broadband and phone customers should expect to see an average increase of between three and five per cent on their monthly costs, which would mean an extra £1 to £1.50 on their bills. TV users are also likely to see a rise.

However, ISPReview noted that Ofcom does have rules against mid-contract price hikes, which means anyone who is currently still within their minimum term should be able to leave without paying an exit fee within 30 days if they are unhappy with their new monthly costs.

Those out of contract are of course free to shop around for a better deal - though ISPReview said that many internet providers may be increasing their own prices in the same way in the near future.

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