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Sky reveals details of broadband and TV price rises

Sky reveals details of broadband and TV price rises

Sky has officially revealed details of its next round of price rises, which will impact its broadband, phone and TV packages and come into effect from April 1st.

Overall, services have seen an increase in price of around £1-2 a month. However, as many Sky customers will take multiple services from the provider, the actual amount they pay each month could rise by more than this. The company said the average bill will increase by 5.1 per cent.

Dani Warner, broadband expert at Uswitch, commented: "In isolation, each of Sky's increases seem quite manageable, but many Sky customers will have multiple elements to their packages - so it's possible to easily land a rise of at least £10 a month, meaning this could hit customer wallets hard."

However, not all prices are increasing. Sky Sports, Sky Go, Sky Box Sets, Sky HD, Sky Voicemail, Talk International, in-contract Sky Cinema and Sky Kids all remain at the same price.

Sky highlighted some of the additions and improvements it has made to its services since its last price rise, including the arrival of Netflix and Spotify to its Sky Q boxes, more personalisation and its Sky VIP rewards for loyal customers.

It also pointed out its high levels of customer satisfaction, noting its broadband and TV services have received the fewest number of complaints to Ofcom for the past 11 straight quarters.

A spokesperson for the company said: "We try to keep costs down and provide greater choice for our customers to pick the package that best suits them. We know price increases are never welcome, but we hope customers can see that our innovation, great content and our industry-leading customer service provide good value.”

Dani added that most of the pain from these new charges will fall on those who are outside of their contract.

She said: "While falling out of contract should not mean that you have to pay over the odds, the best way to avoid it is to sort out a good deal on a new plan.

"When doing so, remember that Sky does not have a monopoly on any of these services or content and, depending on your needs, you may be better off switching to a different, and potentially cheaper, provider."

The key monthly changes Sky customers need to be aware of are:

  • Sky Cinema is increasing by £1, from £10 to £11 (for out of contract users only)
  • Sky Entertainment is increasing by £2, from £20 to £22
  • Sky Broadband will increase by £1 across all packages
  • Sky Fibre Broadband will increase by £2 across all packages
  • Sky Q Multiscreen is increasing by £1, from £12 to £13
  • Sky Talk Evening and Weekends will increase by £1, from £4 to £5
  • Sky Talk Anytime will increase by £2, from £8 to £10
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