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Three introduces unlimited mobile broadband plan for home users

Three introduces unlimited mobile broadband plan for home users

Three has launched a new mobile broadband package aimed at home users that will offer unlimited downloads.

This will be the first such deal from the supplier to do away with any download limits on a mobile connection, and will be available for just £22 a month for a 24-month contract, with no additional upfront costs.

Three unlimited router

Called Home-Fi, the offering is intended to be used just like a normal fixed-line broadband connection, except that instead of the service being delivered by cable, it is sent to the router via Three's 3G and 4G mobile networks.

According to the provider, Home-Fi is ideal for consumers who live in remote locations with unreliable fixed-line connections, as well those living in shared accomodation and small businesses that need to get up and running quickly.

"In today’s fast-moving world, slow and unpredictable internet just isn’t an option. Whether for work, for play or for socialising, speedy internet is vital," the company said.

"That’s why we put our heads together to work on a solution to make patchy internet a thing of the past, for everyone."

Users signing up for the Home-Fi service will receive a Huawei B311 router, which is able to distribute the mobile data connection to up to 32 connected devices via Wi-Fi.

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