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Vodafone unveils 'Super WiFi' to end broadband blackspots

Vodafone unveils 'Super WiFi' to end broadband blackspots

Broadband provider Vodafone has introduced a new smart home network that will aim to end the problem of broadband blackspots and deliver fast, reliable wireless connectivity to every part of a home.

The Super WiFi technology is powered by the cloud and uses self-learning algorithms to improve over time, responding to any changes and usage patterns to ensure it always delivers the best performance.

Vodafone noted that more than three-quarters of households in Europe report issues with their Wi-Fi, with buffering, latency and slow download speeds all spoiling the experience for many users.

One in three consumers said they got slower speeds in some rooms than others, while 28 per cent had trouble connecting from certain parts of their home.

The company noted there are several reason for this poor wireless connectivity, including the growing number of devices in the average household, thick internal walls that Wi-Fi has difficulty penetrating, and interference from other electronic equipment that can weaken or even completely block the signal from the router.

Ahmed Essam, Vodafone Group's Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer, said: "We know that the vast majority of people’s broadband issues are actually down to poor Wi-Fi signals in their homes - around a quarter of calls into customer care are about Wi-Fi issues.

"Super WiFi is a simple way to address these problems and give our customers the best possible connection in every room of their house, every day of the week."

The system uses a number of easy-to-install extenders that connect to a user's home router, with up to three of these gadgets placed around a home able to provide the connectivity needed to allow everyone to get online and do whatever they want, whenever they want.

It follows the introduction of similar services from several other providers in recent months, including BT's Complete Wi-Fi service and Talktalk's Plume Wi-Fi.

Vodafone will be demonstrating Super WiFi in action at next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, before it is rolled out to markets across Europe over the summer.

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