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'Gigabit cities' said to be in the works from Virgin Media

'Gigabit cities' said to be in the works from Virgin Media

Virgin Media has hinted that the future of its ultrafast broadband rollout will be based around bringing gigabit connectivity to entire cities from later this year.

As part of its latest investor meeting, head of European cable operator Liberty Global, Mike Fries, revealed that his company intends to work with Virgin to launch two 'gigabit cities' before the end of 2019.

Though the company has not yet offered any further details on the plans, this appears to be a separate project to the plans outlined by Virgin to increase the top speed of its broadband packages to 500Mbps, ISPreview.co.uk reports.

Instead, the gigabit cities project seem to be the result of Virgin's long-planned network upgrade, which is set to deploy a new standard capable of much faster speeds than today's offerings.

ISPreview noted that it appears as if Virgin will look to deploy this on a city-by-city basis, bringing download speeds of 1Gbps to more consumers.

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