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Sky Q unveils Kids Safe Mode to give parents peace of mind

Sky Q unveils Kids Safe Mode to give parents peace of mind

Sky has announced the launch of its new Kids Safe Mode for Sky Q, which means children will be able to watch Sky TV safely without coming across any inappropriate content.

When activated, the option, which can be found in the Sky Q box's settings, will lock the set-top box into 'kids' mode, so viewers will only be able to access a range of age-appropriate shows, with all other content disabled.

This means all other live TV channels, recordings, on-demand shows and apps will be blocked until the setting is turned off through the use of a parent's PIN.

It therefore allows kids to finally take control of the remote and watch Sky's great range of kids content without their parents worrying they will tune into anything they shouldn't.

Kids Safe Mode can be activated on any Sky Q box in the home and will remain in place even if the device is rebooted, so parents will not have to switch it on every time they bring the box out of standby, or even after a power failure.

Therefore, they can feel comfortable in allowing their kids to watch TV in one room while the adults enjoy their own content in another.

Stephen van Rooyen, Sky Chief Executive for UK & Ireland, commented: “At Sky, we go further than anyone else to ensure we put families first when developing our services. Sky Q’s new Kids Safe Mode is a super simple way for parents to have ultimate peace of mind when their children are watching TV.”

The new setting is just one of the ways Sky is looking to make TV viewing safer for kids. Later this year, it will also launch a new guide in partnership with Common Sense Media that will provide parents with more detailed information about the content of shows, helping them make more informed choices about what their kids watch.

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