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Three unveils new unlimited mobile broadband plan with Alexa

Three unveils new unlimited mobile broadband plan with Alexa

A new mobile broadband plan from Three will offer users unlimited data and access to the Amazon Alexa home assistant thanks to its new 4G router.

The deal will cost £25 a month with no upfront setup costs, and will come with a 24-month contract and no restrictions on how much you can download each month.

It is based around a Huawei AI Cube B900 4G router capable of handling up to 64 connections at once. This can theoretically deliver download speeds of up to 300Mbps, though in the real world, the speed users will receive will be dependent on a number of factors, including the strength of the 4G signal in the area and how congested it is at any one time.

The deal may therefore be ideal for home broadband users who struggle to receive high-speed connections via fixed-line cables, but can connect to a good 4G mobile signal. Three states its network is able to reach 97 per cent of UK premises.

Huawei's AI Cube B900 does a lot more than deliver a strong mobile broadband connection to your home, however. It also incorporates Amazon's Alexa voice-activated assistant, so consumers can use it to control smart home devices such as connected lights and thermostats, can instant updates on news and weather or even order pizza, all through their voice.

With four far-field microphones built-in, users should be able to speak their instructions to the device from anywhere in the room without having to raise their voice, and be heard over any background noise.

The device also contains a powerful speaker, so despite its small size - at just 146mm high, it's less than twice the size of a credit card - it can be used to play music from services such as Spotify loudly and clearly.

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