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Virgin Media to introduce 500Mbps ultrafast broadband service this spring

Virgin Media to introduce 500Mbps ultrafast broadband service this spring

Virgin Media is set to offer customers even faster broadband speeds in the coming months after it confirmed plans to introduce a new package with download speeds of 500Mbps.

This announcement came as the company revealed its results for the last quarter of 2018, which saw it increase the number of properties it covers by 144,000 premises, as well as bring its total number of subscribers to some 5.2 million.

The new faster service will use the company's existing network, so will not require replacements of the firm's infrastructure or a new router in the home, ISPReview.co.uk reports.

However, while Virgin Media has confirmed the new offering will be coming in April or May this year, it has not yet made clear whether it will be available to both business and home broadband customers at launch, or if the firm's range of existing packages will also benefit from a speed boost.

A 500Mbps offering would be ten times faster than the firm's entry-level deals and place it significantly above the company current fastest package, which is available as part of the VIP deal and offers speeds of 362Mbps.

With a 500Mbps connection, users could download a 20GB ultra high-definition movie in just five minutes and 43 seconds, compared with over an hour using the UK's average connection speed of 46.2Mbps.

Meanwhile, they could also download Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 - currently one of the largest games on sale at 105GB - in just half an hour, more than five hours faster than the UK average.

The new service will also come with upload speeds of 35Mbps, which could allow consumers to share large files with friends and family by uploading to the cloud in just a few seconds.

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