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Zen offers first 'lifetime guarantee' of no broadband price rises

Zen offers first 'lifetime guarantee' of no broadband price rises

Zen Internet has introduced what it claims is the UK's first 'lifetime guarantee' for broadband services, with a promise never to raise its prices even after customers reach the end of their contract.

Until now, most customers will be used to prices that jump up at the end of the minimum contract term, but Zen, which has over 100,000 customers, is hoping to put an end to this status quo.

The firm's managing director Andrew Fryatt said: "For too long the broadband industry has focused on making short-term decisions for instant profit over the well-being of its customers and we're aiming to change that."

He added that the broadband industry has become notorious for its end-of-contract price hikes, and even mid-contract increase, but the new pledge from Zen demonstrates that it is putting customers first.

Commenting on the move, broadband expert at Uswitch Dani Warner said the lifetime guarantee could be a game changer for the broadband market.

"Essentially, what you see is what you get. The price you pay from day one is what you will continue to pay for the duration of your time as a Zen customer, even once your contract ends," she stated. "It is an eye-catching move from an independent provider, and one that could ruffle the feathers of some of the major providers."

The guarantee is available on Zen's standard and fibre broadband deals. Its Unlimited Fibre 1 deal, for instance, costs £37 a month, but customers can now rest assured this will not increase once the 12-month contract is up.

Meanwhile, the faster Unlimited Fibre 2 deal has been reduced in price from £43.99 a month to £38.99, again with this not increasing at the end of the 12-month term.

Dani noted that these costs are a little higher than those offered by many other providers, as Zen is looking to offset the guarantee, but this should not detract from its clear, transparent offering.

"The biggest price rises from other providers come when customers fall out of contract, but by shopping around for the best deal, significant savings can always be made - and many of them may well prove better value than Zen, even if they may be liable to increase by a small amount each year," she added.

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