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Sky Broadband guarantees strong Wi-Fi in every room

Sky Broadband guarantees strong Wi-Fi in every room

Sky Broadband has launched its new Sky Hub wireless broadband router alongside a guarantee that customers will always be able to access a strong, reliable Wi-Fi connection in every room of the house.

Sky Broadband Boost

The internet service provider spoke directly with Uswitch to confirm that, for a £5 per month addition to customers’ plans, the Sky Broadband Boost will guarantee broadband speeds sufficient to seamlessly stream video content via Netflix, NOW TV or the Sky Go app throughout your entire home.

The ISP will even commit engineer visits and Wi-Fi boosters to ensure that this promise is fulfilled, all included within the cost of your subscription. If for any reason you are unable to achieve the necessary Wi-Fi signal in each room then Wi-Fi will refund you.

Aman Bhatti, Sky’s Head of Propositions, told Uswitch:

“The Wi-Fi Guarantee, along with the new Sky Hub, guarantees a strong signal in every room of the house. This means you’ll always have a strong enough signal to stream movies and TV from Sky Go and Netflix – or your money back.”

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Available from 6th September, the optional Sky Broadband Boost add-on comes with other added-value features too. These include:

  • Daily line check
  • Use of the Sky Broadband Buddy app to manage screentime in your home (including the option to pause the internet during family time)
  • Engineer visits at peak times at no extra cost (e.g. evenings and weekends)
  • An additional 2GB of data for Sky Mobile customers if their broadband line drops out.

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BT’s Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee

Sky joins the likes of other leading ISPs offering its customers a Wi-Fi guarantee. BT launched its Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee earlier this year, in which they provide customers with Wi-Fi ‘discs’ that boost the signal of their router to every corner of the house.

If a single booster disc isn’t sufficient, BT will send two additional discs to ensure you’re getting a strong signal throughout your home. Finally, if that isn’t enough the ISP will refund customers £20.

Virgin Media’s speed guarantee

Virgin Media takes a slightly different approach, offering new technology in the form of its Intelligent Wi-Fi which creates a smart Wi-Fi network that “continually optimises itself”.

Virgin Media’s Hub 3 router connects with devices using two frequencies and alters between the 2.4GHz frequency and 5GHz frequency depending on how far the device is from a Hub or Booster, automatically switching to the least congested channel to ensure the best performance around your home.

Virgin Media also has a download speed guarantee which has been in place for all new and renewed contracts since 28th February 2019. This guarantee states that if you’re not able to achieve a minimum of 50% of the originally-advertised download speed for three consecutive days, and Virgin Media are unable to fix the problem within one month, you will be able to exit your contract without paying any penalties.

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