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Shell to acquire Post Office Broadband — how will I be affected?

Shell to acquire Post Office Broadband — how will I be affected?

As of last weekend, it’s no longer possible to sign up for a new Post Office broadband deal. All offers under its name have been removed from sale across the country, and existing Post Office Broadband customers will be moved to Shell’s broadband division.

The deal is yet to be finalised, but Shell Energy Broadband has issued a statement to reassure people that a proper introduction and explanation of the move will be sent out to customers as soon as the acquisition officially takes place.

But what does the acquisition mean for you? Will you see any changes to your service? Let us explain.

What’s staying the same?

If you’re a Post Office broadband customer, there’s no need to worry. Shell has promised a completely smooth, seamless transition, so you don’t need to expect any change to your service for the rest of your contract term.

Over 450,000 households and premises currently use Post Office Broadband, but the service uses exactly the same Openreach broadband network as Shell Energy Broadband already. This means there won’t be any drop in connection or broadband speed throughout the entire transition. You probably won’t even notice when it switches over.

The payment process will remain the same, too. Your direct debit payments will just automatically switch over to Shell Energy Broadband, and there won’t be any increases or changes to the price you currently pay for your Post Office Broadband deal. If you currently pay by visiting the Post Office in-store, you will be able to do this.

You won’t even have to change your router over when Shell takes over. Your existing one will work just fine.

What’s changing?

Not a whole lot. The main difference you’ll notice is the number of Shell Energy Broadband benefits you’ll start qualifying for. These include exclusive savings on your energy deal (in particular, options to bundle both services together for a cheaper monthly price) and a wide range of perks via the Shell Go+ app.

Shell Energy Broadband currently has around 130,000 broadband customers, so the addition of another 450,000 will have to be met with a much larger customer service presence than it used to have. While Shell itself is yet to confirm its plan to tackle this, it’s likely that the acquisition will involve moving some of Post Office Broadband’s customer service colleagues over as well.

If you’re thinking about renewing your contract with Post Office Broadband, you will probably notice a difference when your current contract finishes, as Shell may have other processes for signing up for a new contract.

That said, it’s always good to compare broadband deals with other providers as well to see if you could find a better-value offer elsewhere.

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