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Vodafone announces Pro Broadband, a new 'unbreakable' broadband guarantee

Vodafone announces Pro Broadband, a new 'unbreakable' broadband guarantee

Taking whole home Wi-Fi further than ever before, Vodafone has launched a new broadband service that guarantees a strong, reliable connection and offers a range of premium perks and discounts.

Just like BT and Sky Broadband, Vodafone Pro Broadband will give you Wi-Fi boosters if you can’t get a strong signal in every room of your home. What’s more though, your broadband router comes with a backup 4G mobile network dongle, which takes over the connection if the main broadband suffers any issues.

Plus, you get the extra safety net of Vodafone’s dedicated Wi-Fi Xperts, who will look out for any connection issues and attempt fixes before you even have to mention them. So, it’s clear to see why the provider is calling its Pro Broadband service ‘unbreakable’.

And after all this, if your broadband still isn’t as fast or reliable as you want, you will be allowed to leave your contract early penalty-free.

But Vodafone Pro Broadband doesn’t stop there. As well as strengthening your broadband connection, this premium offering includes a range of additional perks and benefits that bring a lot more to your service. These include:

  • Faster Fibre Promise: If you’re on one of Vodafone’s Superfast fibre-to-the-cabinet packages, you will be automatically upgraded to its fibre-to-the-premises (full fibre) broadband for free once it becomes available to your home. You’ll then be able to choose packages with up to 900Mbps broadband speed — around 25 times faster than its Superfast 1 package.
  • Vodafone Together Discount: You will receive a £3 monthly discount to your broadband if you’re also a Vodafone Pay Monthly mobile customer.
  • Pro Xtra: For an additional £8 per month, you can enjoy unlimited calling on your landline and mobile, avoid in-contract price rises, and receive a free 4K Apple TV streaming device with 12 months’ free Apple TV+.
  • Norton Security: Get 12 months’ free access to Norton’s industry-leading antivirus software and parental controls, and get a second year at half price.

Consumer Director at Vodafone UK, Max Taylor, said:

“We’ve built Vodafone Pro Broadband to provide our customers with unbreakable broadband without breaking the bank.

“Our customers tell us that fast, reliable and secure connectivity is more important than it’s ever been, and even when there is a return to ‘normal’ their demands for great broadband will continue.”

With Vodafone Pro Broadband, not only will your internet connection be consistently reliable, but you will truly be making the most out of the services Vodafone can offer. Prices start at £35 per month for 35Mbps, and reach all the way to £60 per month for 900Mbps (subject to availability).

Compare Vodafone broadband deals with Uswitch to find the right Pro Broadband package for you.

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