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Here’s why you should try ultrafast broadband

Here’s why you should try ultrafast broadband

Fast broadband, superfast broadband, ultrafast broadband, does anyone know what the difference is? Well we do, and the difference between the three may seem like a load of numbers and a slightly higher price tag. But it can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life online.

Superfast broadband is now the norm. And all the UK broadband providers are focusing their efforts on either improving access to superfast, or upping their internet services even more to provide ultrafast broadband.

Here’s why you should try ultra broadband.

1. Faster download speeds

This is the most obvious answer, and it’s the main reason given by providers when you compare broadband deals online. Ultrafast broadband usually offers a minimum average download speed of 150Mbps, over double the 50-60Mbps you can expect from superfast broadband.

Community Fibre Ultrafast Fibre Community Fibre's ultrafast broadband is 3x faster than its superfast broadband package

This means you can download a video file in seconds. And you’ll always have plenty of extra bandwidth available no matter what your family or housemates are doing online.

2. Faster upload speeds

While download speeds are important for everything from streaming movies to downloading files, it’s the faster upload speeds you get with ultrafast broadband that sets it apart from other packages.

Upload speeds are vital if you need to send information as well as receive it. This is especially important for gaming online and making video calls –– something that’s become increasingly important in the last year.

Superfast broadband upload speeds are usually significantly slower than download speeds. But ultrafast broadband packages often have similar upload and download speeds.

Check out providers like Community Fibre who have symmetrical upload and download speeds of 150Mbps for its ultrafast broadband package.

Community Fibre broadband deals

3. Reliable connection

In a lot of instances, superfast broadband still uses traditional copper phone lines to connect your home to your provider’s exchange box. This means that, the further you are from the green exchange box on your street, the more susceptible you are to slower internet speeds.

At peak times during the day, when all of your neighbours are online, you could notice a significant drop in your broadband performance, with speeds slowing down dramatically right when you need them most.

Ultrafast broadband predominantly utilises a full fibre connection. This means that a fibre optic cable is connected directly to your home, and your internet speeds will be consistent no matter what the time of day.

4. No phone line required

As ultrafast broadband doesn’t typically require you to still use your phone line to connect to the internet, ultrafast broadband packages don’t usually require you to pay for a landline or line rental. This can be a real benefit to those who no longer use a landline, as it’s a frustrating cost that many of us never use but still have to pay for.

5. The future of broadband

Technology is only going to get more and more advanced, with pretty much any device that can connect to the internet being able to do so. A few years ago, most people would never have thought we’d have internet-connected thermostats and fridges, but now they’re fairly common.

“Household data use is doubling every two years as we use more smart TVs, voice-assistants, tablets, smartphones, PCs and connected devices. These all use bandwidth to pass data around the internet. More Megabits per second means more devices can be used all at the same time.” - Community Fibre website

As more and more devices in your home require access to the internet, the demands on your broadband are going to increase dramatically. Having a full fibre connection installed so that you can get ultrafast broadband means that you’re more prepared for future demands on your broadband.

6. You can try ultrafast broadband for free with Community Fibre

Available exclusively to Londoners, Community Fibre has its own dedicated fibre optic network, with the most advanced technology available. So if you live in a postcode with access to Community Fibre, you can try its Ultrafast Broadband package for 30 days for free.

Get 150Mbps download and upload speeds for £0 for 30 days. If you’re convinced that ultrafast is the way to go, you can then keep your package for just £25 a month.

Ernest Doku, Uswitch broadband expert said, "Community Fibre's approach stems from a focused, fair broadband offering, currently centred on homes and businesses in the London area.

“With fast, reliable full fibre products delivering speeds of up to 3Gbps, it's certainly no slouch in the technical department.

“What's interesting to see is that they're also an incredibly consumer-centric brand, with benefits including no mid-contract price rises and a glittering Trustpilot score.

“In the case of this current offer and with the ability to trial a broadband service a relative novelty, it will be a great way for those in the 23 eligible boroughs to kick the tyres on Community Fibre, a new player that seems to be making serious waves in the broadband market."

  • 1 Month FREE
  • Avg. download/upload: 150 Mbps
  • NO line rental
  • NO mid-contract price rises
  • UNLIMITED data
  • 100% full Fibre-To-The-Home
  • FREE installation & set up
  • FREE Tri-band MESH Wi-Fi router

Check out Community Fibre and see if you can try ultrafast broadband for free.

Community Fibre broadband deals

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