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Sky Broadband and Netflix outage leaves UK customers offline for hours

Sky Broadband and Netflix outage leaves UK customers offline for hours

It’s bad enough when your broadband goes down, but to have your favourite streaming service go down in the same night? That’s just chaos.

But that’s exactly what thousands of customers experienced last night as Sky Broadband – the UK’s second-largest broadband provider – went down at the same time as Netflix.

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According to the outages-tracking website, Downdetector, there were over 1,800 reports of Netflix being down last night, the vast majority occurring between 7:30pm and 8pm in the UK. That’s peak streaming time.

Netflix outages Image: Downdetector

Of these reports received by Downdetector, 45% stated they were having issues with the Netflix app, 31% had problems with the server connection and 24% with video streaming.

For the most part it seems that Netflix was able to get itself sorted fairly quickly, the same can’t be said however for Sky.

Sky Broadband down

Sky outages Image: Downdetector

Sky Broadband outages were being reported from around 6pm last night, have continued through the night, and are still coming in via Downdetector – 98% of which were about the internet service and 1% reporting TV issues and 1% suffering from a total blackout.

Twitter also saw a steady stream of customers complaining about their loss of service from Sky. One user tweeted "The night before officially returning to school, and my internet is down. There goes several relaxing hours of watching mindless TV. Sky owe me an apology."

Another said: “Broadband down again in Portsmouth. Been dropping out for few days. Any idea how long this will last this time??” with another user replying with, “Exactly the same for me also in Portsmouth PO6. On and off last few days now nothing. No Internet now just orange light on router.”

In response, the most recent tweet from the Sky Help Team states: “UPDATE: South East England/Cardiff

Engineers are on site and working to restore service ASAP. You can keep up to date on the My Sky App and check your service status here:


We're very sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

What to do if your broadband is down

If you’re facing problems with your Sky Broadband connection, be sure to contact your provider to let them know. They can then advise you if there are any current engineering works that might affect your service.

In the meantime, if you can’t afford to be offline, check out our guide on how to tether your devices to your mobile so that you can still work or study from home while Sky works of resolving the problems.

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