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BT vs Sky: who has the best Black Friday broadband deals for 2021?

BT vs Sky: who has the best Black Friday broadband deals for 2021?

Black Friday is the best time of year to grab a great deal on a range of products, whether you’re shopping online and or in-person. And with Christmas approaching, it’s a great opportunity to secure your gifts for a really good price.

But the discounts and offers don’t just stretch to items — you could also save a lot of money on your broadband this Black Friday. For the last few years, broadband providers have hopped on the Black Friday bandwagon and tried to one-up each other with heavy price discounts and attractive reward cards.

Two broadband providers that you might want to compare this Black Friday are BT and Sky — the UK’s two biggest telecoms companies. Here’s what they are offering this year, and which one could have the best deal for you.

BT Black Friday broadband deals

Our best deal: BT Fibre 2 Broadband | 67Mbps | 24-month contract (first three months free) | Broadband only | No setup cost | £32.99 per month | £110 reward card

You’ll get quite a lot of money back if you choose one of BT’s superfast fibre broadband deals this Black Friday. Firstly, it’s offering the first three months of your contract completely for free, which is worth roughly £87 or £98, depending on which speed you choose.

Second, BT is throwing in a £110 reward card with its Fibre 2 deal, which you can spend in a range of different stores, just for signing up in this period. Thirdly, the monthly price of these deals has also been slightly discounted too.

So that’s a potential maximum saving of about £208 with BT this Black Friday, if you’re willing to make a two-year commitment and put up with slightly higher monthly prices than other providers.

More BT Black Friday broadband deals

These Black Friday BT broadband offers will be available until Monday 29th November.

Compare BT Black Friday broadband deals

Black Friday Sky broadband deals

Our best deal: Sky Superfast Broadband | 59Mbps | 18-month contract | Broadband only | No setup cost | £25 per month

Sky has discounted its popular superfast broadband connection to just £25 this Black Friday. For 18 months, you’ll get to enjoy Sky’s excellent customer service and a trustworthy internet speed guarantee for a very reasonable monthly price.

Sky received an impressively low number of customer complaints in Ofcom’s latest provider rankings, showing that customers have fewer issues using its service than other providers, including BT. So you’re not just paying for a great fibre connection, you’re also getting an experience you can rely on.

Black Friday: Sky Superfast Broadband

Compare Sky Black Friday broadband deals

BT vs Sky: which Black Friday deal should I get?

In terms of which fibre broadband deal has the best value, Sky’s Superfast Broadband offer is the cheapest option by quite a long way. However, Sky’s offer is just giving you a monthly price discount, whereas BT has added bill credit, a reward card and a price discount to its Fibre 2 deal.

If you subtract three months’ free broadband and the £110 reward card from the total cost of BT Fibre 2, the average monthly price actually works out slightly cheaper than the fixed monthly price of Sky Superfast Broadband (£24.32 vs £25). So in terms of total money in and out, there actually isn’t much to compare between the two.

However, the best broadband deal is one that suits the needs of your households the closest. So it’s not just the price that you should consider before choosing between these two providers.

BT’s contract lasts for 24 months, which is a long commitment if you’re renting, or expect a change to your future financial situation over the next couple of years. Sky’s 18-month term would be a slightly easier length of time to agree to if that’s the case.

Plus, you may want to consider the quality of customer service you get from each provider too. Sky performed better than BT in Ofcom’s latest complaints report, but both providers received fewer than average complaints compared to others.

Sky is the most popular TV provider in the country, and has some fantastic TV content that you could add to your package for a smaller cost if you choose one of its broadband deals. BT also offers an extensive TV package that you can bundle with your broadband for a discounted price, but it doesn’t quite offer the same breadth of entertainment and sport as Sky.

Want to add TV to your Sky or BT broadband package this Black Friday? TV add-ons are the cheapest they’ve been all year right now, so don’t miss out on a great bundle offer this November.

Finally, whilst Sky has a robust internet speed guarantee, BT offers a much more comprehensive customer experience, with many measures in place to make sure your connection is as strong as it possibly can be.

Make sure to consider all of these factors before you decide which broadband provider to go for. But also look elsewhere if you’re not entirely satisfied with either provider’s deals too.

If you feel like you need more advice before choosing a Black Friday broadband deal, take a look at our helpful guide.

There are dozens of Black Friday broadband deals for many different needs on Uswitch right now, so another provider could well be offering a better deal for your household. Check those out if you’d like to have more options before you make a decision.

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