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Sky broadband and TV Black Friday deals revealed

Sky broadband and TV Black Friday deals revealed

Sky has announced some fresh broadband deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, including a triple-play bundle that offers broadband, TV and home phone for a single monthly fee.

The global media company has slashed the monthly prices of its broadband deals and removed the setup cost for its broadband and TV bundle for a limited time this shopping period.

The provider has extended its Black Friday deals all the way to Friday 3 December, so you'll have until then to secure these offers. So if a Sky superfast or ultrafast broadband connection seems like the right deal for you, you’ll have until the end of next week to make your decision.

See what offers Sky have launched for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021.

Sky Black Friday broadband discounts

  • Superfast Broadband: 59Mbps | 18-month contract | Broadband only | No setup cost | £25 per month
  • Ultrafast Broadband: 145Mbps | 18-month contract | Broadband only | No setup cost | £32 per month
  • Ultrafast Plus Broadband: 500Mbps | 18-month contract | Broadband only | No setup cost | £42 per month

All of Sky’s broadband packages have had their monthly prices cut this Black Friday. Perhaps the most attractive offer is its Superfast fibre broadband connection, which is available to over 96% of the country and is on sale for just £25 a month right now.

At 59Mbps, this speed will let multiple people in the house stream at the same time. So if you’ve been struggling with buffering videos and internet dropouts on a slower connection, this will make everyone’s time online feel a lot smoother.

Sky also launched its first full fibre broadband packages this year, with speeds of 145Mbps and 500Mbps for its Ultrafast and Ultrafast Plus connections, respectively. These connections will future-proof your home for years to come — full HD movies will download in mere minutes and you can say goodbye to buffering forever.

To make sure you truly have the strongest connection in the home as possible, Sky also offers a Wi-Fi Guarantee with its Sky Broadband Boost add-on. In addition to more convenient engineer visits and parental controls, the provider will run daily checks on your broadband line to stave off any potential internet issues. All for the small additional fee of £3 a month.

Compare Sky Black Friday broadband deals

Sky Black Friday TV and broadband bundle

Sky TV, Superfast Broadband & Sky Pay As You Talk: 59Mbps | 18-month contract | 300+ TV channels including box sets | No setup cost | £39 per month

Despite having a very popular broadband offering, Sky is still most-known for its TV service. So for Black Friday 2021, it’s giving you access to Sky TV, 59Mbps broadband and a home phone service, all for just £39 per month.

Plus, the provider is temporarily removing the £29.95 setup fee that it often charges for an engineer to install a satellite on your property.

Learn more about Sky’s TV deals, and how they compare to NOW’s offers this Black Friday.

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