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Car insurance guides

Car insurance for disabled drivers - Uswitch

In this guide we explain what options are available to drivers with disabilities looking for a car insurance policy, and how to still get the best deal on cover.

Can I get a car insurance discount if I have a dash cam? - Uswitch

Find out how dash cams can save you money on your car insurance in our guide.

Car insurance for temporary imports - Uswitch

Find out everything you need to know about temporarily importing your car if you're visiting, working, or studying in the UK as a non-resident.

Will a non-fault accident affect my insurance? - Uswitch

If you've made a car insurance claim for an accident that wasn't your fault, your insurance costs could still go up. Find out how to prevent this.

Ship loaded with shipping containers

What is import car insurance? - Uswitch

Read our guide to find out about import car insurance, types of car imports and the costs of importing a car to the UK.

Northern ireland

Car insurance in Northern Ireland - Uswitch

Northern Ireland car insurance may be expensive, but good deals are available for those who shop around. Find out how to get the best car insurance deals in Northern Ireland.

Car insurance for provisional drivers - how much does it cost?

Learner driver insurance - Uswitch

Learning to drive can be costly. Read about provisional drivers car insurance, and find out the cheapest ways to keep learner driver insurance costs down.

Speed awareness courses explained - Uswitch

Some drivers caught speeding can attend a speed awareness course, instead of receiving a fine and points on their licence - find out about speed awareness courses here.

Types of car insurance explained - Uswitch

Understand the different types of car insurance available (comprehensive, third party and TPFT) and find which car insurance policy is right for you.

Modified car insurance

What should I do if my car squeaks while I’m driving? - Uswitch

When your car makes a squeaking noise while driving, it usuallymeans there’s something wrong. Read on to find out the usual causes of those squeaks, squeals and screeches and what to do to fix them.

Car overturned, emergency services

How to make a car insurance claim - Uswitch

How do you make a car insurance claim if you have an accident? Find out how long you have to make the claim, what the process is and more here.

Document license in Poland

Car insurance for convicted drivers - Uswitch

Find out how to get car insurance if you’ve got a driving conviction - what are the restrictions and is it more expensive?

Adult and child playing with cars

Transferring insurance from one car to another - Uswitch

Looking to replace your car, but not sure how to insure the new one? Learn how to transfer existing insurance from one car to another or see if you could save by switching.

Classic vehicle

Cheap classic car insurance - Uswitch

Find out more about classic car insurance, and discover whether it's better to go with a specialist or standard provider for your classic car.

M1 motorway in UK with blue sky at sunny day

Car insurance for foreign drivers in the UK - Uswitch

Find out how you can drive in the UK if you have a non-UK licence, and find out what car insurance international drivers need before getting behind the wheel.

Motorway cars

How does your job title affect your car insurance? - Uswitch

Find out what effect your job title has on your car insurance costs. Which are the cheapest jobs for car insurance and which jobs are the most expensive?

Old rusty car

Car Scrappage Schemes in the UK -

Car manufacturers often have car scrappage offers - a type of trade-in deal where you get money off a new vehicle. How do scrappage schemes work?

Car Insurance: Your Questions Answered

We've answered common car insurance questions to help you understand what you need and to decide what car insurance is best for you.

Comprehensive car insurance

The future of diesel cars

With attitudes and legislation towards diesel fuel changing, what does the future hold for diesel cars? We explore the proposed petrol and diesel ban and the plummeting sales of diesel-fuelled cars in the UK.

Car insurance for drivers with vandalism claims

Car insurance for drivers with vandalism claims

Vandalism claims can affect the cost of your car insurance, but there are ways you can save. Read about vandalism claims in our guide and save with Uswitch.

10 common car insurance myths busted

10 common car insurance myths busted

Find out the truth behind 10 common car insurance myths, and ensure you're fully covered without overpaying for your policy.

9 fuel saving tips that every driver should know

How to Save Petrol? 9 Fuel Saving Tips | Uswitch

Top 9 fuel economy tips - find out ways of improving your car's fuel efficiency to maximise the number of miles you get from a full tank of petrol.

Car MOT: How to check MOT history and get reminders

Paperless driving licence: What you need to know

As of 8th June 2015, the paper counterpart to your driving licence is no longer required. Find out how this affects car hire and those who drive for work.

Car insurance fronting

Car Insurance Fronting and its Repercussions

Fronting is falsely putting somebody who is cheaper to insure as the main driver on a policy when the real main driver would be more expensive to insure.

Couple in a car driving into sunset on holiday abroad

Driving abroad - what you need to know | Uswitch

There's more to driving abroad than keeping to the other side of the road - find out about the local rules and customs when driving on holiday.

Two toy cars involved in a car accident

What is car insurance legal expenses cover?

Car insurance legal expenses cover is available as a feature or add-on for many insurance policies - but how can it cover you in the event of a claim?

Car Insurance No Claims Bonus Explained

A no-claims bonus can mean a big discount on your car insurance. Find out how a no claims bonus works and how you can protect it in the event of a claim.

Europe breakdown - cars with bonnets up and batteries being charged

What is European breakdown cover and do I need it?

A European holiday breakdown is stressful but good quality protection isn’t expensive. Read more to discover the breakdown insurance basics you need at the right price – then get on and enjoy your break.

Car MOT: How to check MOT history and get reminders

Where to park for cheaper car insurance?

Can you lower your car insurance premiums by parking your car in a garage or on a driveway? Find out how your parking space affects your insurance costs.

Comprehensive car insurance

No deposit car insurance: is there such a thing?

Finding money for car insurance cover can be difficult, which is why no deposit car insurance is in high demand. But does this type of policy even exist?

Young girl driving red car

How to apply for a UK provisional licence

Getting your provisional licence is the first step to learning to drive. Find out how to apply for a provisional driving licence and how much it costs.

Two cars and money

Car Insurance Excess Explained | Voluntary and Compulsory

Everything you need to know about car insurance excess. What are the differences between voluntary and compulsory excess, and which is right for you.

Red car

A Guide to Insurance Premium Tax | Uswitch

Insurance premium tax (IPT) is charged on all insurance policies for vehicles such as, cars and vans, but some vehicle owners end up paying a higher rate than others. We look at why this is, and how you can keep your car insurance costs low.

Boy in toy car

How much are driving lessons? | Driving Lesson Cost

Find out exactly how much it costs to learn to drive - we look at driving lessons, tests, and getting a licence.

Older man riding a motorbike

Driving after 70: how to renew your driving licence at 70

You will need to renew your driving licence at age 70. Find out how to apply for a new licence, and why you may need to surrender it.

What is ghost broking?

What is ghost broking?

So-called ‘ghost broker’ target drivers looking to get a good deal, and sell them fake or invalid insurance policies that aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. Find out how to avoid them here.

British notes and coins

Car tax refunds explained

If you tell DVLA you’ve sold your car, you are entitled to a Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) road tax refund. It’s easy to do but you may not get back as much as you hoped. Find out how to reclaim your car tax.

The most expensive cars to insure

What is a factory fitted immobiliser and do I have one?

Immobilisers can stop your car from being stolen. Discover how Thatcham-approved immobilisers form an integral part of a modern car security system, often with a car alarm, and why car insurers like them so much.

Nigel King 1

Driving after a Stroke and Car Insurance

How soon you can drive again after a stroke depends on the type of stroke and the type of licence you hold. Find out more about driving again after a stroke.

Whiplash claims

Making a whiplash claim on your insurance policy

This guide spells out how a whiplash injury is caused, who is liable and how to make a claim, as well as the impact of the UK government's efforts to cut out fraudulent claims.

Is Black Box insurance only for young drivers?

Many young drivers find that car insurance is very expensive, and black box policies allow them to buy car insurance cheaper. But is it just for young drivers?

The Most Popular UK Road Trips, According To Google

The Most Popular UK Road Trips, According To Google

Your 2020 summer abroad not quite go to plan? Same. Here's where the UK is road tripping to instead, according to destination searches on Google

The Ultimate Road Trip Snacks - kids in boot

The Ultimate Road Trip Snacks

Uswitch have collated a list of the ultimate road trip snacks to enjoy during long drives, starting at Lower tier snacks all the way through to God-tier snacks.

Six unexpected ways to cut the cost of your car insurance

6 Ways to Cut the Cost of your Car Insurance

In a bid to help motorists get the best deal, our car insurance expert has rounded up some top tips to help cut the cost of your car insurance premiums

Advanced driving and intensive driving courses

Advanced driving course can make you a safer risk to insurers. Find out about the benefits of taking advanced driving and intensive driving courses and what insurance discounts you might get.

Brits have their say on the UK’s driving age limit

Brits have their say on the UK driving age limit

With theory test pass rates plummeting in recent years, Uswitch surveyed 1,000 Brits to find out how they feel about driving age limits and if they should be changed.

Car insurance claims against uninsured drivers

Car insurance claims against uninsured drivers

Car insurance can be costly for people with previous claims against uninsured drivers. This guide explains how to prevent your insurance costs from rising.

Closeup of rear side of black car and other parking in parking area beside the street with natural background in sunny day.

Top 10 Safest Cars you can Buy | Cheaper Insurance

From family cars to large MPV's, here are the top 10 safest cars you can buy right now. Safer cars can mean cheaper insurance. Find out more

How the surge in summer caravan sales could impact safety on the roads

How the surge in summer caravan sales could impact safety on the roads

With growing sales and rentals of caravans and motorhomes, Uswitch explored motorist road safety knowledge and how they feel about heading out on the open road.

Colour Palettes of The World's Most Famous Road Trips

Colour Palettes of The World's Most Famous Road Trips

Fasten your seat belt and turn up the radio. Here are the beautiful colour palettes of the world's most famous road trips.

Woman looking at car seats

UK car seat laws: make sure your child’s booster seat is legal

Choosing the right car seat protects your child in the event of an accident. But if you are caught with an unsuitable or incorrectly fitted booster seat, you could be hit with a £500 fine. Read our guide on how to buckle up safely.

What are Car Insurance Groups and how do they Work

Car insurance groups are used by insurers to set premiums. Find out what these groups are, what group your car is in and how this affects your insurance.

The costs of learning to drive a car in the UK

What is Pass Plus and can it cut the cost of car insurance?

Pass Plus is an advanced driving scheme that can help inexperienced drivers drive more safely. We explain how Pass Plus works and how it can lead to cheaper car insurance.

Car MOT: How to check MOT history and get reminders

MOT checklist: how to help your vehicle pass

If your car is due its annual MOT, read on to find out all you need to know about average MOT costs, what the test covers, common fails, and the steps you can take to ensure your vehicle passes with flying colours.

Professional mechanic using a laptop computer to check a car engine

What is Remapping a Car? | ECU Remapping

An engine remap improves your car performance, meaning more power and economy. But what are the remap risks – and could they hit your insurance premium?

Parking on the pavement

Is parking on the pavement illegal?

Outside of London parking on the pavement is not usually illegal. But that doesn’t mean you’ll avoid a fine. We shine a headlight on the rules here.

Car insurance fronting

Should I buy a diesel or petrol car?

We all want the most efficient motor on the road, but it’s not easy. Pros and cons include fuel consumption, engine power and noxious emissions, but at the end it really all boils down to one question: what’s best, petrol or diesel?

Driving in the UK on a non-UK licence

A Guide to Car and Vehicle Tax Bands

Car tax is calculated based on the age, engine size and car emissions. Find out how your tax is calculated and how different tax bands affect your road tax.

How to get the best car insurance deals, driving abroad

How do you get the best car insurance deals? Uswitch explains

Looking for the best car insurance deals? In reality, there is no such thing as the best car insurance, only what's best for you. Find out why with Uswitch.

Car tax changes: What do you need to know?

Car tax changes: What do you need to know?

Car tax rules changed in October 2014, and it's not just the tax disc you need to know about. Find out how car tax has changed for buyers and sellers.