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Car insurance guides

Driving after a stroke - Uswitch

How soon you can drive again after a stroke depends on the type of stroke and the type of licence you hold. Find out more about driving again after a stroke.

What is an immobiliser and does it affect my car insurance? - Uswitchj

Immobilisers can stop your car from being stolen. Discover how Thatcham-approved immobilisers form an integral part of a modern car security system, often with a car alarm, and why car insurers like them so much.

Europe breakdown - cars with bonnets up and batteries being charged

European breakdown cover - Uswitch

A European holiday breakdown is stressful but good quality protection isn’t expensive. Read more to discover the breakdown insurance basics you need at the right price – then get on and enjoy your break.

How to cancel your car insurance policy - Uswitch

Find everything you need to know about cancelling your car insurance policy, cancellation fees, no claims discount and the 14-day cooling off period in our guide.

Car insurance for people with criminal convictions - Uswitch

Car insurance costs can rise for drivers with criminal convictions. Read our guide to saving on car insurance for convicted drivers and compare quotes here.

Car insurance for drivers with at-fault claims

Car insurance for drivers with at-fault insurance claims - Uswitch

An at-fault car insurance claim can have a big impact on your premium. If you've made an at-fault claim, find out how to reduce the cost of your car insurance renewal here.

Car insurance for students - Uswitch

Our guide explains how to save money on student car insurance. Compare insurance quotes here.

Car insurance for drink drivers - Uswitch

Learn how to cut the cost of car insurance after a driving ban with our informative guide, and compare car insurance quotes from specialist providers.

Car insurance for provisional drivers - how much does it cost?

Learner driver insurance - Uswitch

Learning to drive can be costly. Read about provisional drivers car insurance, and find out the cheapest ways to keep learner driver insurance costs down.

Car accident two men on their phones

Car insurance for drivers with previous claims - Uswitch

Car insurance can be more expensive for drivers with previous claims. Read our guide for tips on reducing your car insurance costs if you've made a claim.

Young male driver (UK, RHD)

What are the cheapest and best first cars for new drivers? - Uswitch

Once you've passed your driving test, you'll need a car - but what are the cheapest and best first cars for new drivers? Find out how to make your decision here.

Car mechanics

What should I do if my car squeaks while I’m driving? - Uswitch

When your car makes a squeaking noise while driving, it usually means there’s something wrong. Read on to find out the usual causes of those squeaks, squeals and screeches and what to do to fix them.

Car insurance for provisional drivers - how much does it cost?

How to add a learner driver to car insurance - Uswitch

Find out how to add a learner driver to your existing car insurance policy, what it might cost and more in our guide.

Document license in Poland

Car insurance for convicted drivers - Uswitch

Find out how to get car insurance if you’ve got a driving conviction - what are the restrictions and is it more expensive?

How the surge in summer caravan sales could impact safety on the roads

Top 10 tips for summer driving

You may know the risks of driving in winter, but summer driving carries its own dangers. Read our top 10 tips on making long journeys in the summer months.

Low mileage car insurance

Do you know what effect your annual mileage could have on your car insurance premium? Find out more about the different types of low mileage car insurance.

Car warranties explained

Car Warranty | Used and Extended Car Warranties

While car insurance can cover the cost of repairing your vehicle after an accident, car warranty could be a useful extra for when something goes wrong.

Two cars in the road following and accident or crash, red warning triangle in front of them

What is GAP Insurance & Is it worth it? - Get a Quote Online

When you buy a new car, gap insurance is an extra level of cover you may want to consider getting a quote for. But what is gap insurance, and is it worth it? Read to find out.

Older man riding a motorbike

Driving after 70: how to renew your driving licence at 70

You will need to renew your driving licence at age 70. Find out how to apply for a new licence, and why you may need to surrender it.

Vintage car in garage

What is SORN? | How to SORN a Car

What is SORN and how do you SORN a car. Find out how to make a statutory off road notification to declare your car as off the road.

Car overturned, emergency services

What to do when your car is declared a write off

All you need to know about insurance write-off categories. Find out what happens when your insurer considers your car too damaged to repair economically.

Whiplash claims

Making a whiplash claim on your insurance policy

This guide spells out how a whiplash injury is caused, who is liable and how to make a claim, as well as the impact of the UK government's efforts to cut out fraudulent claims.

Advanced driving and intensive driving courses

Advanced driving course can make you a safer risk to insurers. Find out about the benefits of taking advanced driving and intensive driving courses and what insurance discounts you might get.

How to claim on your car insurance for storm damage

How to claim on your car insurance for storm damage - Uswitch

Can you claim on your car insurance if your car has been damaged by extreme weather? Read our guide to learn how to claim if you've been affected.

Couple checking out a new car at the dealership looking into vehicle at the salon international interracial buying car relationship concept N

How to buy a new car

Our guide explains the steps of buying a new car, from choosing how to finance your purchase to getting the right level of insurance for your new car.

Woman looking at car seats

UK car seat laws: make sure your child’s booster seat is legal

Choosing the right car seat protects your child in the event of an accident. But if you are caught with an unsuitable or incorrectly fitted booster seat, you could be hit with a Β£500 fine. Read our guide on how to buckle up safely.

Driving in the UK on a non-UK licence

A Guide to Car and Vehicle Tax Bands

Car tax is calculated based on the age, engine size and car emissions. Find out how your tax is calculated and how different tax bands affect your road tax.

Car insurance fronting

Should I buy a diesel or petrol car?

We all want the most efficient motor on the road, but it’s not easy. Pros and cons include fuel consumption, engine power and noxious emissions, but at the end it really all boils down to one question: what’s best, petrol or diesel?

Professional mechanic using a laptop computer to check a car engine

What is Remapping a Car? | ECU Remapping

An engine remap improves your car performance, meaning more power and economy. But what are the remap risks – and could they hit your insurance premium?

Car MOT: How to check MOT history and get reminders

eCall: Could your car save your life?

Under the eCall, every car sold in the European Union is set to come equipped with a device that can send alerts to the emergency services if needed.

NEW Regulations - hands holding chalkboard with text

Insurance law reform - what it means for you

An insurance law providing consumers with better protection arrived on 6 April 2017 - we look at how it works and what it could mean for you.

The costs of learning to drive a car in the UK

What is provisional driver insurance?

Learn about the insurance requirements for learner drivers and discover how to reduce the cost of provisional driver insurance.

Driving in the UK on a non-UK licence

The car insurance jargon buster -

Don't be left confused by complicated terminology - read our car insurance jargon buster. From black boxes to underwriters, our guide simplifies key terms.

Car insurance for grey imports

Car insurance for grey imports

Read our guide and find out how to get car insurance for a grey import. Learn more about imports and compare quotes from specialist insurers with Uswitch.