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Car insurance guides

Bird poo on car

How to remove tree sap, bird poo and blossom from your car

Tree sap, bird poo and blossom can cause irreversible damage to your car’s paintwork if left. Here's how to remove these common causes of paintwork damage.

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What is SORN? | How to SORN a Car

What is SORN and how do you SORN a car. Find out how to make a statutory off road notification to declare your car as off the road

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Advanced driving and intensive driving courses

Advanced driving course can make you a safer risk to insurers. Find out about the benefits of taking advanced driving and intensive driving courses and what insurance discounts you might get.

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A car driving through a country road in the lake district in England, UK

Road Tax for Cars, Motorbikes and other Vehicles

Find out how to buy car tax, how much it will cost, the documents you’ll need and which cars and motorcycles pay the lowest road tax

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Car overturned, emergency services

Car Insurance Claims | Everything you need to know

How long after an accident can you make a car insurance claim and how much does car insurance go up? Everything you need to know about car insurance claims.

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Car insurance for over 50s

Pay-by-the-mile car insurance

If you drive only a few miles during the year annual car insurance can seem unfairly expensive. Pay-by-the-mile car insurance can be a cheaper alternative.

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Driver with Covid mask

Is commuting covered by my car insurance during lockdown if I need to drive to work?

We explain how the latest coronavirus car insurance extension cover works while non-essential travel is technically banned.

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Electric vehicle charging station

Cheapest hybrids to insure?

The range of hybrids available on the market is now wide. With such abundant choice, you can afford to take the cost of insurance cover into consideration when making your choice. We reveal what you need to know.

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9 fuel saving tips that every driver should know

How to Save Petrol? 9 Fuel Saving Tips | Uswitch

Top 9 fuel economy tips - find out ways of improving your car's fuel efficiency to maximise the number of miles you get from a full tank of petrol.

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