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Car insurance guides

Coast into the bank holiday weekend by reading our driving tips.

Best and Cheapest First Cars for New Drivers

Find out the best and cheapest first cars for new drivers. As well as initial cost you have to consider insurance, running costs, road tax, and repair costs.

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Electric car being charged

Compare Electric Car Insurance

Find out about the benefits of buying an electric vehicle (EV), the best electric car insurance, and the best electric car models of 2021

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How to get the best car insurance deals

How do you get the best car insurance deals? Uswitch explains

Looking for the best car insurance deals? In reality, there is no such thing as the best car insurance, only what's best for you. Find out why with Uswitch.

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4x4 insurance

Compare 4x4 Car Insurance Quotes

Do you need specialist 4x4 car insurance or are you covered by a standard car insurance policy? Our guide to 4x4 insurance could help you to save.

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Car Insurance Legal Requirements

Avoid invalidating your car insurance by following these legal requirements. Including, named driver insurance rules, modifications and medical conditions.

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10 common car insurance myths busted

10 common car insurance myths busted

Find out the truth behind 10 common car insurance myths, and ensure you're fully covered without overpaying for your policy.

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