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Car insurance guides

Uswitch guide to buying a used car

How to transfer insurance to your new car

Looking to replace your car, but not sure how to insure the new one? Learn how to transfer your existing cover or see if you could save by switching.

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M1 motorway in UK with blue sky at sunny day

Car insurance for foreign drivers in the UK

Find out how you can drive in the UK on a non-UK licence. What car insurance do international drivers need and what to do if you get into an accident.

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Couple checking out a new car at the dealership looking into vehicle at the salon international interracial buying car relationship concept N

How to buy a new car

Our guide explains the steps of buying a new car, from choosing how to finance your purchase to getting the right level of insurance for your new car.

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Fox in front running in front of car at night.

The Uswitch Roadkill Report

Roadkill is a major problem, one which many Brits are unaware of. To try and raise awareness of the issue, and to help drivers avoid harming animals when they’re on the roads, we’ve created the Uswitch Roadkill Report.

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How to claim on your car insurance for storm damage

How to claim on your car insurance for storm damage - Uswitch

Can you claim on your car insurance if your car has been damaged by extreme weather? Read our guide to learn how to claim if you've been affected.

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Woman driving

What your car reveals about your personality

Exploring colours, models, and brands, we teamed with expert psychologist Lee Chambers to find out what your choice of car reveals about your personality traits.

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GB Number plate

How to read the secret language of number plates

In recent weeks, Australian celebrity barrister, Peter Lavac, hit the headlines after the controversial number plate ‘LGOPNR’ on his canary yellow Lamborghini was banned by Transport NSW for being too offensive.

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Women sat in the car with her hands on her head, demonstrating that she is stressed and anxious

How to deal with driving anxiety if you’re worried about getting back on the road after lockdown

We reveal how to combat driving anxiety and become more confident behind the wheel.

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Couple having argument in car

10 common driving habits that could be damaging your relationship

From tailgating to road rage, we asked 1,000 Brits to tell us their biggest driving turn-offs.

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