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Five ways Samsung can get back on track in 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy S7 curve hero

By any measure, the last six weeks have been a trying time for Samsung.

After recalling the Galaxy Note 7 due to exploding batteries, it was then forced to can the phone completely when it became clear that replacement handsets were also faulty.

So, what has the tech giant got lined up to help it get back on track?

Here are five things we think will help Samsung salvage its brand from the Galaxy Note 7 wreckage and get back on track.

1 Project Valley

samsung galaxy skin flexible bendable

This is Samsung’s ‘Hail Mary’ but one which might just deflect attention from its Galaxy Note 7 woes.

Project Valley is the codename for two new smartphones, both featuring bendable screens, a technology which could set them apart in a crowded field.

One device is said to be an eight inch tablet–phone hybrid which can be folded into a five-inch smartphone.

The other is a clamshell-style phone designed to look like old-school mobiles.

Reports in the summer suggested both phones could make their debut at February’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), but gossip has died down in recent months.

2 Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge

samsung galaxy s7 angled

Apparently pegged for MWC, the Galaxy S8 and its curved screen S8 Edge stablemate will be Samsung’s most likely route back to favour with smartphone-buyers.

Both phones are thought to come with a dual-lens camera and iris scanner for additional security.

The iris scanner on the Note 7 won rave notices about by critics and is technology that Samsung has already proved it can make work.

3 New software

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 eyeball scanner

This is Samsung’s current plan to impress consumers. Owners of its Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are receiving software updates which come with Galaxy Note 7 features.

That means clever always–on–display functionality, with the chance to see what songs are playing and check notifications just by picking up your phone.

This could help Samsung sell a few more handsets and offset its bleak profit predictions.

4 Cheap deals

Samsung already knows that the best way to get to a consumer’s heart is through their wallet.

The Galaxy S7, which only launched in March, is now available on a series of impressive knock–down tariffs.

You can even snare it for as little as £26 a month with no up front cost.

Considering this is a phone which garnered huge critical acclaim for its slick design, ace software and impressive camera and only debuted in the spring, this is a smart move by the Korean mobile-maker.

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5 Say sorry

Sorry apologies

Sure, it’s already done this. But Samsung needs to keep apologising for the Note 7 debacle and explain how it’s going to ensure this never happens again.

What’s more, it could do with being less abstruse towards insurance claimants in the US.

Reports from the States suggest those who had to pay for fire damage caused by exploding Note 7 devices have struggled to get their costs covered.

This does Samsung’s image no good. Own up properly and it can move on.

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