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Samsung Galaxy A Series 2017: 5 things you need to know

Samsung Galaxy A3

We're barely days into 2017 and Samsung has already pulled the wrappers off two new smartphones in its Galaxy A Series.

These mid–range efforts might not get the pulse racing as much as the forthcoming Galaxy S8, but for those of you after a cheaper device with plenty of higher–end features, the A 3 and A5 have got a lot to offer.

Here are five things you need to know.

1 Two new phones, different specs

Samsung Galaxy A range angled

The Galaxy A Series consists of two new phones: the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5. Both are available in the same colours: black sky, gold sand, blue mist and peach cloud.

But there are some key difference when it comes to the spec sheet. The A3 packs a smaller 4.7–inch screen and 16GB storage, while the A5 features a 5.2–inch display and 32GB of space.

Both are compatible with microSD cards, pushing up storage by a massive 256GB.

2 Good cameras

The Galaxy A3 has got a more basic camera, although will do just fine if you’re not fussed about framing fancy shots.

There’s a more than ample 13-megapixel effort round the back, with an eight megapixel camera up front for taking selfies.

The A5 takes things to the next level, thanks to its two 16 megapixel cameras.

Best of all, both feature a clever ‘floating shutter’ for taking selfies, meaning you can snap pictures by simply touching anywhere on the screen.

The screen also doubles as a flash in low light situations, aping Apple’s efforts with its recent iPhones.

3 Water and dust resistant

samsung galaxy s7 waterproof

Both the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 have IP68 certification. That means they are water and dust resistant and able to withstand being held out in the rain, dropped on a beach or kept in your sweaty hands when you’re out for a run and want to track your progress.

This is a feature usually reserved for higher end devices.

4 Speedy battery charging and long lasting power


Thanks to USB–C, Samsung says the A Series can take advantage of fast charging, although it’s not clear how much power you’ll get from a few minutes plugged into mains power.

The Korean company also claims that the battery pack will last longer than previous models, but has not given details.

As long as the power packs don’t explode like they did on some Galaxy Note 7 handsets, Samsung will be happy.

5 Out next month

Samsung has said that both the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 will be out in the UK next month.

Prices have not been confirmed, but with mid–range specs, both phones should be free on contract and available at a reasonable price SIM–free.

Sadly, neither will have the latest Android Nougat software, instead featuring 2015’s outdated Marshmallow version.

Waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S8? Head to our rumours round-up to find out what we know so far.

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