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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: 5 reasons it’s already better than the iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 black angled

After months of leaks, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is officially here.

And despite the fact that its major rival, Apple’s iPhone 7, isn’t due out for another month, it’s pretty clear that the Korean company’s new device is going to be far more interesting than the one set to emerge from Cupertino.

Read on and we’ll explain why the Galaxy Note 7 is going to be the phone to beat this year.

1 Iris scanning security technology

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch iris scanner

Sure, rumours are flying that Apple is going to include an iris scanner in a future iPhone.

But reports from China suggest such tech won’t feature in any Apple smartphone until 2018.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 already has it. Users can unlock the handset by simply looking at the scanner at the top of the phone.

There’s also a special secure folder that can only be opened by your own iris.

That means that even if your phone is taken, personal data should be impossible to access.

What’s more, Samsung says it’s working with banks in the US to integrate the tech into mobile banking.

Such secure features already put the Note 7 at a massive advantage over the iPhone 7.

2 Better screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 silver

Word is that the iPhone 7 is going to come with the same display seen on last year’s iPhone 6s.

That’s hardly something to get overly excited about when even when that device launched, Android phones looked sharper when the screen was powered up.

The Galaxy Note 7’s display is a colossal 5.7–inches, has a 2560 x 1440 resolution and comes with 514 pixels per inch.

For watching HD content, it puts the iPhone into the shade.

3 Storage boost

iphone storage

There’s plenty of talk that Apple is going to increase the base storage amount on the iPhone 7 to 32GB, with 128GB and 256GB options also available.

The Galaxy Note 7 starts at 64GB, but Samsung has taken things further by offering microSD support up to 256GB as well.

That means you can transfer files easily from one device to another, as well as stashing hours of video and thousands of songs.

Apple’s refusal to offer expandable storage means Samsung is out in the lead here too.

4 A proper headphone slot


Much has been made of the fact that Apple is [doing away with the standard 3.5mm headphone slot[( in the new iPhone 7.

All the leaked parts confirm it. Samsung, therefore, has made a bold play by keeping the traditional headphone port in the Galaxy Note 7, something it talked up during its keynote unveiling.

What’s more, the Galaxy Note 7 is fully waterproof despite the slot’s inclusion.

Apple is said to have ditched the port to ensure its next iPhone can withstand spillages and splashes.

5 VR support

Samsung Gear VR official

Samsung’s new Gear VR headset has been built with the Galaxy Note 7 in mind.

In fact, if you preorder the phone, you get the headset thrown in for free.

It means you can access VR content on your Samsung phone, something which Apple cannot yet offer with the iPhone.

Unless Tim Cook and co have a VR surprise planned for next month, once again Samsung has pushed on further at a time when Apple seems to be struggling to keep up.

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