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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: 5 rumours you need to know about

galaxy note 7

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is almost here. And even before it hit the shelves, it's shaping up to be this year’s best, most innovative smartphone.

But how is it going to take the fight to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7? And when will you be able to lay your hands on one?

Read on and we’ll tell you five key things you need to know about the Galaxy Note 7.

Curved screen

samsung galaxy note 5 hero alt

Samsung’s commitment to curved screens has helped set it apart from a crowded field.

And having enjoyed huge success with its highly regarded Galaxy S7 Edge, it seems the Korean giant will be sticking with a similar display on the Galaxy Note 7.

The key differentiator will be size. Rumours suggest the Note 7’s screen will be 5.7–inches, the curved edges offering unique display information.

With a 2K resolution too, it’s likely to be much more impressive than anything Apple offers with its iPhone 7.

Eye–scanning smarts

iris scanner

Fingerprint scanners have become a staple feature of smartphones in the past two years. And while they offer solid security, there remain concerns that they can be breached by wily hackers.

That’s why Samsung is said to be loading the Note 7 up with an eye–scanner, allowing users to unlock their device with a glance.

The scanner will apparently sit next to the front–facing camera, so you can open up your phone every time you look at it.

Latest 'Nougat' version of Android

android nougat

Data from tests conducted by Samsung appears to show that the Galaxy Note 7 will run the latest version of Google Android, dubbed Nougat, out of the box.

That would make it the first phone to use the new software and be a marked departure for both companies.

Google usually debuts fresh versions of Android on its own-brand Nexus phones first, with Samsung lagging behind.

The change means that the Galaxy Note 7 should offer improved battery life and better security, as well as virtual reality support and split-screen for multi-tasking.

Lite edition planned?

The same benchmark tests have also shown a different version of the Galaxy Note 7 could launch.

Dubbed the Galaxy Note 7 Lite, it could come with less RAM (6GB rather than 8GB) and possibly an older version of Android.

Whether this would entice customers who’ve grown tired of the increasingly fragmented world of smartphones remains to be seen.

Launching August 2nd

samsung galaxy note 7 event

Samsung has officially confirmed this is the phone's due date. It's a juncture that makes sense for a number of reasons.

First of all, August is a quiet time in the tech industry, giving Samsung a chance to grab the headlines.

Secondly, it will give it the jump on Apple, which is set to reveal the iPhone 7 at some point in early September.

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