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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Five alternative smartphones you can buy right now

You may or may not have heard, but Samsung has stopped production of the Galaxy Note 7 in the wake of high-profile reports of handsets exploding.

The upshot is that you'll no longer be able to buy one anywhere. Even if you're prepared to take your chances with Samsung's faulty flagship phone.

But all is not lost. Here we've picked out an array of alernative handsets to plug the gap, taking in Android phones with comparable features and price points, as well as some cheaper options that are well worth a look and could save you some cash.

1 Google Pixel and Pixel XL

google pixel specs

Google’s first own–brand smartphones could not have launched at a better time.

Both the 5–inch Pixel and 5.5–inch Pixel XL are excellent alternatives to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

Each model features the new Google Assistant voice activated personal assistant, which can help with directions, make dinner reservations and answer any burning questions to boot.

There’s fast–charging via USB–C, delivering seven hours of power from just 15 minutes of time spent plugged in, plus the latest Android Nougat software.

The standard Pixel features a HD screen, with the Pixel XL coming with an even brighter QHD.

There are 32GB and 128GB models, starting at £599 for the Pixel and £719 for the Pixel XL when you buy SIM free and off-contract.

EE is the only network selling the phone directly and is offering the 32GB Pixel for £50.99 with no upfront cost.

Pixel burst mode

The Pixel XL starts at £55.99 per month, once again with nothing to pay upfront.

Alternatively, you can pick it up on a range of networks when you buy through Carphone Warehouse.

Available on pre-order right now, the Pixel phones go on sale

Get the Google Pixel here: Google Pixel deals.

2 Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge - design

Just because the Galaxy Note 7 was beset by battery problems doesn’t mean you should discount Samsung completely.

The Galaxy S7 is one of 2016’s best smartphones, with an excellent 12-megapixel camera, an ultra-bright AMOLED display and a fingerprint scanner. And it's water resistant too.

What makes it particularly appealing at the moment is the price. You can snap up a phone that was only launched this spring for £27 a month for two years, without nothing to pay upfront.

Get the Galaxy S7 here: Samsung Galaxy S7 deals.

Want to know more? Take a look at our in-depth Galaxy S7 review.

3 HTC 10

HTC 10 colours

Until October 30th, HTC has slashed the SIM–free price of the HTC 10 by £85.50 when you buy direct from its site.

That means it'll cost £484.49 rather than £569.99. And leaves you free to pick up an attractive SIM only deal.

What does that £484.49 get you, though? Well there’s a 5.2–inch AMOLED screen, HTC’s 12 megapixel ‘UltraPixel’ camera round the back and hefty BoomSound speakers. And you get an 'UltraSelfie' camera up front for taking non–blurry superior self-portraits and a fast–charging mode that gives 50% of power from half an hour in the mains.

Get the HTC 10 here: HTC 10 deals.

Want to know more? Head to our HTC 10 review.

4 OnePlus 3

oneplus three angled

For something completely different, it’s hard to look beyond the OnePlus 3.

This independently made handset garnered a slew of plaudits from reviewers and is now available on monthly contracts from O2.

£23 a month gets you the phone as well as 500MB of data, unlimited texts and 500 minutes of calls.

Pay £35 per month on O2 and you’ll get a better 3GB data allowance and the same calls and texts allowances.

The phone itself is super sharp, with premium all-metal construction housing a quad–core processor and the company’s own OxygenOS version of Google Android.

It’s a budget-friendly alternative to the Note 7, but no worse for it.

Get the One Plus 3 here: OnePlus 3 deals.

5 Samsung Galaxy Note 5

galaxy-note-5 hero image

Last year’s Galaxy Note model (Samsung never made a Galaxy Note 6) should not be discounted either.

If you want the big screen experience and the fancy stylus, then 2015’s Note 5 is a very solid bet.

It was never officially launched in the UK but you can buy it SIM free from Amazon for £465.

That’s a good price for an unlocked premium handset, especially one with a massive 5.7–inch screen, a highly rated 16 megapixel camera, 32GB storage and 4GB of RAM.

Get the Note 5 from Amazon here: Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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