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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 best deals round-up

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Update: The Galaxy Note 7 is temporarily unavailable. But will be on sale again soon.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is available to pre-order now and there are some eye-catching incentives available if you’re quick.

Here we pick out the best of the best from retailers and networks. But if you think you’ve seen a better one, tip us off in the comments section.

Not sure if the Note 7 is for you? Find out about its key features with our one-stop round-up.


Buy the Note 7 on Three through and you can pick it up for £58 per month, with nothing to pay upfront, equating to a total outlay of £1,392 over the course of the contract. Allowances are unlimited for data, calls and texts.

Find the deal here.

Don’t need that much data? There’s also a deal from priced £41 per month, with nothing to pay upfront. That buys you 1GB of data per month and unlimited texts and minutes. Total cost to you for all that is £984.

Find the deal here.

Both deals include Three's roaming-at-no-extra-cost sweetener Feel At Home. And you get a free £50 Amazon voucher.


Available through Carphone Warehouse, our choice of the best O2 deal is £45 per month, plus £99.99 upfront, making £1179.99 in total over 24 months. That secures you 5GB of data and unlimited texts and data.

Find the offer here.

Pay £159.99 upfront and £40 per month, also from Carphone, and you get the same allowances. Total outlay here is the same at £1,119.99

Find the offer here.

Both bag you the full complement of O2 perks, such as priority tickets for gigs and shows at O2 venues.


Pick up the Note 7 on EE from and you can get allowances of 10GB per month and unlimited texts and data for £45.99 per month. Ordinarily, a £51.99 upfront charge would be payable too. But buy through uSwitch and we'll give you a voucher code that waives the upfront charge completely.

Total cost is £1083.75 over 24 months. But it’s worth noting that you’ll only get EE’s standard 4G service and not its super-fast 4GEE service.

Find the offer here.

The same retailer is also offering the phone on EE with 20GB per month, plus unlimited texts and calls, for £50.99 per month and a one-off charge of £9.99. Total outlay is £1,233.75. The difference here is this includes EE’s double-speed 4G service.

Find the deal here.

Both deals include a free subscription to BT Sport to watch on your handset, as well as a six months' subscription to Apple Music.


Asked to pick a standout deal for the Note 7 on Vodafone, we’d opt for the contract priced £53 per month with nothing to pay upfront from Allowances are 30GB per month, plus unlimited calls and texts. Total outlay? That’s £1,257.

Find the deal here.

Aimed at lighter users is the contract priced £42 per month and £59 upfront (total: £1,067 over the 24-month contract), from Carphone Warehouse. Allowances are 6GB per month and unlimited texts and calls.

Find the deal here.

Talk Mobile

Our favourite Talk Mobile deal is priced £40 per month, with a one-off charge of £130.99, and includes allowances of 2GB of data, 1,000 minutes and 5,000 texts per month. All of which adds up to total outlay of £1090 over two years.

Find the deal here.

iD Mobile

The pick of iD’s deals will set you back £37.50 per month, and £199.99 upfront, for monthly allowances of 8GB, 5,000 texts and 1,200 minutes. Total outlay will come to £1,099.

Find the deal here.

Alternatively, you can pick up the Note 7 for £35.50 per month and £99.99 upfront, with allowances of 2GB of data, 600 minutes and 5,000 texts. Total cost to you is £951.99.

Find the deal here.


Value network giffgaff isn’t offering any pre-order promos along the lines of Vodafone and Carphone’s VR headset giveaway. But there are some neat deals around.

Our pick gets you the Note 7 for a shade over £54 per month over 24 months, with £20 to pay upfront. That gets you unlimited data, calls and texts every month. That works out at a total cost of ownership of £1081.83 over the course of the contract.

If keeping your costs down is your priority, we’d opt for the deal priced £44.46 per month, plus £10 upfront with a total cost of ownership of £1081.83. Here you’ll get unlimited texts and 500 minutes per month. But be mindful that unless you’re a light user, the data allowance of 1GB may well not last you through the month.

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