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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 delays: We answer the key questions

Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, has seemingly been hit by major delays.

The Korean company has confirmed that it’s carrying out last minute ‘quality testing’ to get to the bottom of consumers' claims that the phone is prone to setting on fire.

But what’s the real reason for the delay? And what does it mean if you’ve ordered one already?

Read on and we’ll answer all the key questions about the Galaxy Note 7 delay.

What’s the problem?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire 2

Samsung has confirmed to local media in Korea that it was carrying out ‘additional tests...for product quality’.

It did not say what the exact problem was. However, a string of posts on social media and YouTube reveal that the Galaxy Note 7 has been catching fire, with its battery exploding while charging.

Images of charred and damaged devices suggest the issue is serious, with consumers lucky not to suffer any injuries.

So what is Samsung doing?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 detail

Samsung has confirmed that it has delayed shipments of its new flagship phone to networks and retailers.

It’s likely that it will be looking at how the battery on the phone could have exploded and investigating whether it can fix the issue quickly.

What if I preordered a Galaxy Note 7?

samsung galaxy note 7 with box

If you pre–ordered a Galaxy Note 7, chances are you were due to receive it this week.

Early shipments are likely to have made it through, although it goes without saying that some of these could be affected by the fault which has apparently caused some devices to explode.

Check with your network or the shop you bought the phone from to see if it will still arrive as expected. If not, you may be in line for a refund.

Update: Samsung has confirmed that consumers who've already bought the Note 7 will be able to swap it for a new one. The wait for a replacement is expected to be around two weeks.

How long will the delays last?

Samsung hasn't said how long it will be delaying shipments of the Galaxy Note 7.

If the problem is widespread, then it could be weeks until it restarts them, causing consternation among consumers and hitting its bottom line hard.

The company has already seen $7 billion wiped off of its value on global markets.

What does it mean for Samsung?

Samsung store

This problem could not have come at a worse time for Samsung.

It already admitted earlier this month it could not keep up with demand for the Galaxy Note 7, despite facing similar issues with its hugely popular Galaxy S6 Edge last year.

What’s more, the impending launch of Apple’s iPhone 7 is likely to see sales of its new top–end device hit, in the short term at least.

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