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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exchange programme: Latest updates on Samsung’s plans

Back on sale on October 28th, but problems remain
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 screen waterproof

Samsung has revealed that 57% of European Galaxy Note 7 owners have taken advantage of its exchange programme for the faulty device. And the Korean company has also set ambitious targets for when it plans to complete its replacement plans and put the device back on general sale. Still haven’t swapped your device? Or keen to get your hands on one of the new, unaffected handsets? Here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s latest update on its Galaxy Note 7 exchange programme.

Huge number of faulty phones still out there Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 cosy

Samsung was keen to play up the fact that 57% of European Galaxy Note 7 owners had swapped their old phones, either for a new model, one of Samsung’s other handsets or a full refund.

However, that still leaves a massive 43% of faulty models out there. That’s worryingly high when you consider these phones can explode, with airlines insisting they are powered down when taken on flights.

Ambitious exchange plans

Samsung says that if swap rates continue at the current rate, it will have completed its exchange programme by the early October. That’s reliant on a lot of people coming forward and handing their phones in, despite the fact that Samsung issued a global recall of the handset a month ago. Can Samsung ensure all of its older models are returned before it puts the phone back on general sale?

A new on–sale date

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 eyeball scanner Samsung may have backed itself into a corner with its ambitious timeframe for swapping all Galaxy Note 7 units. But it’s given itself extra pressure by saying that it will make the phone available to the general public across Europe from October 28th. That despite the fact that it’s had to push back the on–sale date for the phone in Korea due to reports that replacement devices were overheating and not charging properly.

Strong loyalty

Samsung says that 90% of the customers in Europe who’ve used the Galaxy Note 7 exchange programme have chosen to replace their old phone with the same model. 3% of opted for another Samsung phone, with the rest choosing to get their money back. This suggests Samsung may not see sales slide as badly as had been initially feared.

Stringent checks

To give Samsung credit, it’s being incredibly stringent when it comes to ensuring Galaxy Note 7 owners have a new device. Its Chief Marketing Officer, David Lowes, said in a statement, “All customers can use our online serial number (IMEI) tracker on, and when you receive your new device look out for the green battery symbol and a black square on the packaging to be 100% assured you have a brand new Note7. If anyone has any questions, please visit for more details.”

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