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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: 5 reasons you should buy it instead of the iPhone 7

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 is set to debut on August 2nd, a month or so before Apple reveals the iPhone 7.

The latter is set to be little more than a minor improvement on last year’s model.

Conversely, the Note 7 promises to be a bold twist on the large-phone formula and is looking more and more appealing by the day.

Here are five reasons you should plump for Samsung instead of Apple this summer.

1 Iris scanning security

iris scanner

Fingerprint scanners have become standard in modern smartphones. But there remain some concerns that they are vulnerable to security breaches.

Samsung is looking to get around this with the Galaxy Note 7 by instead including an iris scanner.

Tracking eye movements is nothing new in smartphones, of course. Samsung tried it years ago, with little success, in its Galaxy S4.

But unlocking your smartphone with a glance is a game-changer.

Irises are unique and impossible to copy and this could be just the neat gimmick Samsung needs to steal a march on Apple.

2 Curved screen

iphone concept curved display

Apple is said to be readying a curved screen phone for 2017.

But the fact is that it's going to be two years late to the party.

After misjudging demand for curved screen phones last year, Samsung saw the error of its ways. And since then it has gone all-out to incorprate curved screens in its phones and make them stand out from the myriad of identikit handsets out there.

Adding a curved screen to the next Note handset will let Samsung show off how and why such tech is now essential.

3 Bigger display


The Galaxy Note 7 is set to come with a 5.7–inch display. That’s fairly standard now for Samsung phones. But Apple’s larger iPhone 7 Plus will be marginally smaller and doubtless cost a lot more.

The demand for bigger displays is clear. And Samsung’s pedigree in this area is undoubted.

Throw in the fact that it will also pack in OLED tech, when the iPhone 7’s screen will be a less bright, less alluring LCD panel, and you can see why thousands will chose the Galaxy Note 7 over Apple’s effort.

4 Faster charging with USB–C technology


USB–C technology, which enables you to charge your phone faster and transfer data quicker, has become a must–have on high-end Android smartphones.

However, Apple has not committed to bringing the tech to its iPhone range, despite pioneering it with the top–end MacBook.

The Galaxy Note 7 is set to come with USB–C as standard, meaning it will be able to draw power quicker and is less likely to run out of juice when you’re out and about.

5 New software

android marshmallow close up

Samsung will likely equip the Galaxy Note 7 with Google’s latest Android Marshmallow software.

However, it is also expected to offer a cleaner, more refined version of its TouchWiz interface, with better notifications and easier navigation.

Touchwiz's fussy customisations have long been an issue with Samsung phones. And while iOS 10 holds the edge, the Note 7's combination of tweaked software and first–rate hardware means Samsung's effort is likely to be a better bet than the iPhone 7.

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