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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: how it puts the Galaxy Note 7 debacle to bed

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 is the final gambit in a year–long bid by the Korean company to bury the memory of the ill-starred Galaxy Note 7.

Blighted by exploding batteries in a small number of units, the Note 7 was withdrawn from shop shelves, prompting some to forecast that its fate spelled the end for the Note range.

Not so. The good news is the Note is back from the brink with what may be Samsung's best-ever smartphone.

Here’s how the Galaxy Note 8 fixes what went before.

Smaller battery

Samsung’s error with the Galaxy Note 7 centred on loading the device with a huge 3,500 mAh battery, which expanded so much in its small casing that it exploded.

This led to a series of damaging and dangerous incidents that made international headlines.

The Galaxy Note 8 features a smaller battery, which ekes out as much power thanks to efficiencies with the processor and software. Samsung has learned a vital lesson.

Samsung's unwillingness to call time on the brand


Many thought that the Galaxy Note 7 would be the last Note phone Samsung made. That hasn’t proved true.

Samsung poured in a huge amount of effort ensuring the S8 and S8 Plus were a success, paving the way for the Galaxy Note 8 to take up the mantle.

Staying with a phone that has for years been a mainstay of the scene was the right move and fixes the wrongs of 2016.

A mea culpa

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 superhero doodle

Samsung once again apologised for last year’s catastrophe, using the opening minutes of the Galaxy Note 8’s launch to thank users for sticking with the Note brand despite everything that happened.

While the proof remains in the day–to–day use of the phone, Samsung’s wiliness to own up after failing to initially get hold of the problem, shows that the Note 8’s arrival marks the end of a tumultuous 12 months.

It's the culmination of the S8’s work

Samsung Galaxy S8 all screen hero image

The aforementioned Galaxy S8 was perhaps the phone that had more riding on it than the Note 8.

It was the first top–end phone that Samsung had launched since the Note 7 and needed to be perfect. It was.

The fact that Samsung delayed that its launch to ensure everything was spot on has meant that the Note 8 has been able to follow without the same brouhaha and no concerns about its battery.

All eyes on the iPhone 8


Somehow, Samsung has managed to keep its focus on taking on Apple’s new iPhone 8, rather than looking back on the Note 7 and its woes.

There is real interest in how these two heavyweights will square up, rather than seeing how the Note 8 compares with last year’s effort.

The main thing now will be comparing the two devices, ending a year of handwringing about Samsung’s ability to make game-changing handsets.

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