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Samsung Galaxy S10: five hot new rumours

With less than a month to go, here's the latest chatter doing the rounds about Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S phone.
Samsung Galaxy S10 OnLeaks

Samsung plans to launch three versions of the Galaxy S10 on 20th February in San Francisco, but has yet to make any more official pronouncements on what we can expect.

Fortunately, the intel from sources close to Samsung is starting to look a lot more realistic.

And that means that, despite official news still being a month away, we already know what to expect from Korea’s number-one gadget-maker.

Here are five hot new rumours about the Galaxy S10.

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1 Screen sizes confirmed


It’s been an open secret for months now that Samsung is priming three versions of the Galaxy S10.

But the exact scale hadn’t been nailed down, until this week.

A new leak, citing sources with the inside line from Samsung’s supply chain, has revealed that the standard Galaxy S10 will come with a 6.1–inch screen.

The top–end Galaxy S10+ will feature a huge 6.4–inch display. And the more affordable Galaxy S10 Lite will be equipped with a more than ample 5.8–inch effort.

2 Plenty of battery power


When it comes to power, Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 line-up is going to need hefty batteries to keep things kicking.

According to the same source that revealed the screen sizes, Samsung won’t leave consumers wanting.

The S10+ will lead the way with a 4,000mAh battery, with the standard model packing 3,500mAh. The Lite edition will utilise a 3,100mAh power pack.

3 Infinity O plans confirmed

galaxy-a8s Samsung Galaxy A8s Infinity-O

Having revealed its new ‘hole punch’ Infinity O screens in late 2018, Samsung is now certain to bring the tech to the Galaxy S10.

The hole, made for the front–facing camera, will appear in the top right corner of each device.

Interestingly, leaks have shown that the Galaxy S10+ will have a larger cutout, designed to house a dual lens camera set-up.

4 No in–screen fingerprint scanner for the S10 Lite

Huawei Mate 20 Pro in-screen fingerprint scanner hero size

It seems that while Samsung will bring its cutting edge new optical fingerprint scanner to the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+, it won’t be doing so with the Galaxy S10 Lite.

That suggests that the latter will instead feature a rear mounted scanner, something of a deal breaker for those who want to be able to touch the display to unlock their phone.

5 S10 Lite, not S10 E

Reports earlier this year pointed towards Samsung calling the cheaper version of its new flagship the S10 E.

The same source behind this latest tranche of rumours has poured cold water on such a plan, saying Samsung will stick with the Galaxy S10 Lite moniker that’s been kicking around for months.

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