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Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Fold launch: what you need to know

Samsung's about to show its hand for 2019. With the new S series smartphone and a game-changing folding phone.
galaxy s10 invite official

Samsung has made little secret of the fact that it has some major new smartphones in the pipeline.

And the good news is that there are now just hours to wait to see exactly what they've got in store for us.

As usual, you'll be able to watch the Unpacked launch event in its entirety online. And even better, we'll be hosting it right here on uSwitch, as well as reporting live from the launch.

1 Where to watch the livestream

We'll be hosting the Samsung Unpacked livestream on the uSwitch homepage.

Alternatively, Samsung is streaming the launch event live on the Unpacked section of its site. Which you'll find right here.

If previous years are anything to go by, you'll also be able to watch it via Samsung's YouTube channel.

The uSwitch Tech editorial will be at Samsung's London event for UK journalists.

Rest assured we'll be bringing you all the news, as well as our first, hands-on impressions of the new devices, on the night.

2 Galaxy S10 range to lead the way

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

The video which accompanies the invite makes its pretty clear that the Galaxy S10 will be the first offering come 20th February.

There are repeated references to the number 10, and not just because it’s a decade since the first Galaxy S phone was revealed.

Reports claim that Samsung will unveil trio of new phones, including a larger Plus edition and a more affordable Galaxy S10 E, aimed at rivalling Apple’s iPhone XR.

We've yet to see a leaked photo of the finished device. But a video based on leaks about the phone suggest it'll be a real looker.

3 But the Galaxy Fold may launch too

Samsung Galaxy F foldable phone unfolding hero size

Look closely at the launch video and the repeated 10s appears over what looks very much like a folding smartphone.

While Samsung hasn’t officially said as much, a report from the Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the company, says that it will also reveal the final model of its folding phone.

Known as the Galaxy Fold (rather than the Galaxy F or Galaxy X) it promises to be a more refined take on the prototype model we first saw last November during the tech giant’s developer conference.

4 5G on the cards in the UK on EE

EE 5G Samsung Galaxy S10 teaser

EE recently announced on that "something big is coming" in relation to a forthcoming Samsung phone.

It doesn't take Colombo to work out that the network that's set to be first to offer 5G in the UK is most likely telling us that it's going to range a 5G edition of the S10.

Conversely, Samsung hasn’t been shy about its 5G plans, this week talking up the fact that it’s leading the pack when it comes to the next–generation network.

Not up to speed with EE's 5G rollout? Here's a neat precis.

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