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Samsung Galaxy S7 Always On display FAQ

samsung galaxy s7 always on screen

Samsung’s just-unveiled Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are both laden with new features.

But one which is set to give it the edge over its main rival, Apple’s iPhone, is its always on display.

So what's so good about it, you may ask. Doesn't it just drain battery life? And serve up a constant stream of information you don’t really need to know?

Read on and we’ll answer your most frequently asked questions.

Does it mean that the screen is on at all times?

No. At least not the whole screen.

Rather, it's just a small section of the screen that's always on and displays select information, including the date, time and an image of your choice.

The idea is the S7 delivers essential information without you having to wake your phone up every time you pull it from your bag or your pocket.

Surely that'll drain the battery, though?

samsung battery

Samsung says the always on display on its S7 and S7 Edge will use just 1% of the battery in a single day.

That’s far less than if you fire up your phone every hour or so to keep an eye on the time.

Obviously, this claim will be put to the test once we get our hands on the device over the next few weeks.

Won’t the screen burn out from overuse?

screen burnout

This is obviously a worry, but Samsung’s system means that the time, date and image that appear on the screen move ever so slightly throughout the day.

Like a screen-saver on your desktop computer, it's this movement that guards against damage to the display. And that means you can assured that the eyeball–stroking screen on your new smartphone won’t burn out after a few days use.

Can I customise it?

samsung galaxy s7 always on screen

Certainly. Within the settings menu on the Galaxy S7 there’s the option to change the clock and date view, as well as pick a background image that’s mostly black in order to cut down on battery drain.

Battery percentage is shown with each option, so you always know just how much juice you have left on your device.

Is this unique to Samsung?

Despite plenty of hype from the Korean phone-maker, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an always-on screen being harnessed to bring key functions to the fore.

The excellent range of OnePlus smartphones has a similar system, which also focuses on keeping time and date and whathaveyou visible at all times. And Google’s latest Nexus phones actually offer a far more feature-rich take on always-on display than the S7.

But Samsung won't be too fussed about that. It will sell the S7’s always on display as sticking to the essentials, with the result that it won’t hurt your battery life like some other phones.

Is there a fancier version, though?

samsung galaxy s7 edge s view case

If you snap up the new S View cover for your S7 or S7 Edge, then yes.

This offers a small view of the screen when the cover is closed, serving up the time, date and battery. And you can use the window on the screen to take calls, quickly open the camera and play music too.

We’d recommend investing in the S View if you want to keep your S7 safe and you use it constantly.

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