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Samsung Galaxy S7: 5 new things we know

samsung galaxy s7 side on 1

Samsung is priming its flagship 2016 devices already. And a new report has spilled the beans in just what we can expect from the device which Samsung desperately needs to be a big success.

Will it be worth holding out for? And are its specs merely an attempt to play catch-up up with Apple? Read on and we’ll reveal all.

1 Pressure sensitive touchscreen

samsung galaxy s7 concept

It’s no surprise that Samsung is looking to add a pressure sensitive touchscreen to its Galaxy S7.

The iPhone 6s’s 3D Touch tech has proved to be a huge hit among users and points the way to a future when all devices will be able to registers presses as well as swipes.

How Samsung will implement the tech within its version of Google Android remains to be seen, but sources close to the company reckon the feature is a dead cert to appear in the S7.

2 Fast charging

usb type c large

Samsung is said to be including USB Type C in the Galaxy S7, tech which is already on its way to becoming prevalent thanks to Google’s Nexus 6P and Apple’s latest MacBook.

Interestingly, the same sources who spilled the beans about the device’s touchscreen also believe that Samsung is looking to make its USB–C offering even better than its rivals, with the ability to fully charge the phone in just 30 minutes.

3 Tweaked camera

Samsung galaxy s7 rear

No upgrade would be complete without an overhaul of a smartphone’s camera.

While megapixel count is likely to go up, the big story will centre around improving the Galaxy S7’s low light performance, an issue which some reviewers found to be a bit of a problem in 2015’s Galaxy S6.

4 Two models

samsung galaxy s6 edge

As in 2015, Samsung is prepping two versions of its new flagship. One will be a standard issue flatscreen model, the Galaxy S7.

The other will be a curved screen Galaxy S7 Edge.

This year, though, Samsung will be ordering far more units of the latter, after it miscalculated demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge.

That move saw millions wiped off its profits and its smartphone chief paying the price with his job.

5 A spring release

mwc 2016 logo

Samsung isn’t hanging about. The Galaxy S7 will likely be revealed at February’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona or at an event in the run up to it.

The phones will then hit shelves in early March according to sources, with Samsung eschewing its usual approach of a long lead time.

It wants, and needs, to ensure the competition has as little time to react as possible.

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