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Samsung Galaxy S8: 5 ways it’ll get the jump on the iPhone 8

Samsung’s official Galaxy S8 launch is looming.

The Korean company is set to reveal its flagship phone for 2017 on 29th March in New York, following months of hype and a series of high profile leaks.

The latter have given us a clear indication of what we can expect from the world’s number-one mobile-maker.

And when stacked up against chatter about the iPhone 8, it’s pretty clear it’s going to be at an advantage in the months before Apple's next-generation phone hits shelves at some point this autumn.

Here are five reasons why the Galaxy S8 have the jump on the iPhone 8.

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1 Facial and iris recognition

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 launch iris scanner

Samsung seems almost certain to include both facial and iris recognition security in the Galaxy S8, after a slew of reports that cited sources close to the company.

This technology will not only allow users to unlock their phones with a glance, it could also let them pay for goods and services too. Samsung is already said to be in talks with banks about such functionality.

At this stage, it’s not clear whether Apple will look beyond an updated Touch ID fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 8.

But Samsung’s decision to use facial and iris scanning tech will certainly give it the edge, even if it may feel like a gimmick to start.

2 Curved screen

Samsung Galaxy S8 no home button

Samsung’s top–end phones have featured curved displays for the past two years. And the new Galaxy S8 is no exception.

Curved screens give the Galaxy S phones offer a wider display than rivals, as well as improved touchscreen capabilities.

Just as importanly, they help them helping it stand out the slew of identikit phones with standard, slab-shaped designs.

Apple, however, is said to be offering a 2.5D screen with the iPhone 8.

This is the same as that found in the iPhone 7, allowing the handset to curve at the side, but not the display itself.

In a world where smartphones all look similar, that could be a major fillip for Samsung.

3 No home button


Neither the iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8 are due to feature a traditional home button.

Samsung is moving it to the back of the device, along with its fingerprint scanner.

Apple is said to be plotting a new home button that will sit within the iPhone 8’s display and will be part of a MacBook-style 'function area'.

But as Samsung is going first with its launch, it’ll be hard for Apple to shrug off accusations that it’s taken inspiration from its major smartphone rival.

Apple will deny everything, of course.

4 Lower price tag

Samsung Galaxy S8 date

Samsung hasn’t revealed the price of the Galaxy S8 yet.

But with constant talk of the iPhone costing more than £1,000 SIM–free, it’s doubtful Samsung will offer their device at such a premium.

For one, compared to the hugely revamped iPhone 8, the Galaxy S8 is closer to an iterative update of last year’s Galaxy S7.

And that’s before we get to the fact that a lower price tag will give Samsung the chance to bash Apple and make out like it’s on the side of hard–pressed consumers.

5 Two models

Samsung Galaxy S8 buttons

The iPhone 8 is expected to come in just one version. However, Samsung will release two editions of its new smartphone: the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

The latter is expected to have a huge 6.2–inch screen but the same internal specs.

This will give consumers a choice of its top–end product.

Apple, however, is set to deliver basic upgrades to last year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in order to bulk out its lineup. Fragmenting the range like this could easily backfire.

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