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Samsung Galaxy S8: Five new things we’ve learned in 2017

Details about Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone are starting to take the shape. The updated flagship smartphone from the Korean tech giant is just weeks away from release, and the New Year has seen a string of fresh reports and rumours about what we can expect.

Read on and we’ll tell you five new things we’ve learned so far this year about the Samsung Galaxy S8.

1. March launch and an April release?

Samsung store

A new rumour from a renowned Twitter tech watcher claims that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8 and its S8 Plus stablemate at a special event on 29th March.

The devices will then hit shelves a month later, with a release date apparently pegged for the week beginning 24th April.

This flies in the face of recent chatter, which suggested Samsung would show off the phones at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. It may still choose to tease the phone to select media behind closed doors at the event.

2. A bezel–free design with a rear fingerprint scanner

Samsung s8 concept hero image

All the talk surrounding the Galaxy S8 has focused on a new fingerprint scanner being baked into the screen.

However, gossip hounds close to Samsung’s supply chain reckon that the company will place the scanner on the back of the phone, aping Google’s Pixel and LG’s G5. This would still allow it to offer the bezel–free design that has long been anticipated by phone watchers.

3. The end of the home button

Samsung galaxy 8 concept

Whatever Samsung does with the S8’s fingerprint scanner, it seems certain that the new phone will not have a traditional home button.

Various rumours suggest it will instead be part of the device’s screen, allowing Samsung to give the device an all–screen front.

This will be a major boon in its battle to take down Apple, whose iPhone 8 is expected to take a similar approach.

4. Fully dust and waterproof

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 waterproof

Recent reports have pointed to Apple’s new iPhone 8 coming with full dust and water proofing. What was missed, however, was that the same sources for the stories said Samsung’s Galaxy S8 would feature the same IP68 rating.

This would put it on a par with last year’s Galaxy S7 and mean it could withstand being dunked in water as deep as one and a half metres for up to half an hour.

5. The end of the Edge

samsung galaxy s6 edge

Samsung will almost certainly offer a curved screen model of the Galaxy S8. But it seems it won’t be known as the S8 Edge.

Instead, the device will be called the S8 Plus, as the company looks to unify its naming strategy. The latter is likely to be billed as successor to the discontinued Galaxy Note 7, which was pulled from shelves last September due to exploding batteries.

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