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Samsung Galaxy S8: five phones it needs to beat

After months of hype, the Galaxy S8 is available for pre–order now, before hitting shelves on 28th April.

On the face of it, it looks hugely promising.

An all-screen front without a home button, improved security thanks to iris recognition and a tweaked camera aimed at delivering killer snaps add up to a really standout handset.

But that’s not to say the Galaxy S8 will have it all its own way.

These are the five phones it needs to best in 2017.

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1 Apple iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus hero

The well received iPhone 7 has a smaller, less bright screen, doesn’t feature a curved display and only has a fingerprint scanner for security purposes.

That said, it’s over six months old and a new, fancier iPhone is due later this year.

For now though, it’s the phone Samsung has to beat.

And considering the Galaxy S8 has landed at a time when potential iPhone- owners have got one eye on the future, it has a great chance of outselling Apple’s smartphone, at least over the summer.

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2 LG G6

LG G6 camera

LG’s G6 is perhaps the closest thing Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has to a direct rival.

It has similar display technology, an ultra-wide screen, dual lens camera, is fully waterproof and a special heat-management system to prevent it exploding (hello, Galaxy Note 7).

Samsung has more marketing heft than LG, but the G6 is a phone that is every bit as good as the S8 on paper.

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3 Huawei P10

Huawei p10 angled landscape hero

Huawei has gone from a little know brand to a real challenger in the past year.

And judging by the warm response to the recently launched P10, it looks like it may have a hit on its hands.

For me though, where it falls down is its spec sheet.

The P10 just doesn’t quite stack up against the Galaxy S8: its screen isn’t as bright, its additional apps are a bit annoying and it’s quite expensive considering it lacks the very best features.

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4 Google Pixel/Pixel XL

Google pixel hockey table portrait hero

Google’s Pixel and Pixel Xl set the standard for what an Android phone should be in 2017.

The camera is incredible, the software is streamlined and there are no extra apps that users just don’t want.

The Pixel and Pixel XL may never outsell the Galaxy S8. But when it comes to critical acclaim, they're the Android phones to beat.

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htc U play ultra dartboard

Not due out until later this summer, the HTC U promises much.

A special input method, allowing users to swipe the side of the device to bring up app menus, might just be the gimmick it needs to steal sales off of Samsung.

Leaks suggest it’ll have a 2K screen, large storage options and microSD support, plus the same camera found in January’s HTC U Ultra.

HTC might not be the force it was, but in order to dominate, Samsung will have to see off the threat of its upcoming flagship.

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