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Samsung Galaxy S8 red display glitch: What is it and can you fix it?

After months of anticipation, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is about hit shelves here in the UK.

But ahead of its release in Albion, it has emerged that some S8 owners in South Korea are complaining of an issue with the screen.

So, what’s the problem? And what should you do if you’ve pre–ordered a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus?

Read on and we’ll get you up to speed.

What’s the problem?

Samsung Galaxy S8 red screen

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus owners in the company’s home country of South Korea have taken to tech sites and social media sites to complain about their device’s display having a red tint.

The upshot is that colour reproduction and video playback are apparently less than ideal.

Images appear to add credence to their complaints, but it’s hard to tell for sure without seeing the purported glitch in the flesh.

What does Samsung have to say?

It says there’s nothing for consumers to worry about.

Samsung stated: "The Galaxy S8 was built with an adaptive display that optimises the colour range, saturation, and sharpness depending on the environment.

“If needed, users can manually adjust the colour range of the display to change the appearance of white tone.”

So can it be fixed?

repair tools

Samsung says that doing so is simple.

The phone-maker is advising Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus owners to go into their handset’s Settings menu, choose Display, select Screen Mode and then Colour balance.

According to Samsung, that will allow users to fix the issue themselves.

But has it worked?

According to some Korean consumers, no. Some say that playing around with colour balance has made no difference. Once again, we can't say for sure until we've seen it for ourselves.

Anecdotally, some also claim that they have taken their devices into stores and been told they can be exchanged because of the glitch.

Samsung, for its part, says this is not a ‘quality issue’.

What’s causing it?

Local media in Korea says it could be down to the special ‘deep red AMOLED’ technology Samsung is using for the first time in the Galaxy S8.

With red-green and blue-green pixels, this may have led to green colour imbalance, hence Samsung pushing the reds up in the mix.

If that is the case, then tinkering in the settings should be all you need to do.

Is this another Galaxy Note 7-style problem in the making?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 screen

We certainly don’t think so. For one, Samsung has got out ahead of this story and explained how it can easily fixed.

For another, that problem began with phones exploding just days after release.

Understandably, everyone is keeping an eye on Samsung, but for us this problem seems like nothing more than a minor blip.

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