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  5. Samsung Marcel embodies concerns of cash-strapped consumers

Samsung Marcel embodies concerns of cash-strapped consumers

Last month’s Mobile World Congress was notable for the range of high-end touchscreen handsets on offer. Everywhere you looked there was something that was so cutting-edge that you could chop down trees with it. What you couldn't see no matter how hard you looked was evidence that mobile phone companies had anticipated the economic downturn and how it could curtail demand for costly handsets.

But as rival mobile phone manufacturers remain committed to more costly handsets, it seems that one company at least is breaking rank. This week Samsung UK has launched its Marcel handset – a device with specifications, which with the best will in the world, are unlikely to win plaudits for tech blogs.

However, for anyone but gadget freaks it’s a great little mid-range phone. For precious little outlay, you get a fun two megapixel camera, a music player and an FM radio with RDS. There’s also internal memory of 8Mb and scope to boost this further up to 16GB via the microSD card slot.

And just as the high street stores that are doing well are the keenly priced likes of Aldi, I can see cash-strapped consumers going for the Samsung Marcel in a big way in months to come. The Samsung Marcel might be more Primark than Prada, but it’s a good value product that chimes perfectly with the prevailing mood.

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