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  5. Samsung planning scented mobile phones

Samsung planning scented mobile phones

Scratch and sniff mobile phones could be on the way some time soon, with the news that Samsung has reportedly applied for a patent to embed a fragrance strip in its mobiles. According to cellpassion, Samsung plans to secrete the aroma strip in the sliding segment of Samsung handsets. This would ensure that when the phone is opened, this section rubs against the strip and activates the scent.

We’re not 100 per cent sure that this gimmicky innovation is what the world is waiting for. However, we can see the scented strips being used to good effect to help market handset collaborations with fashion brands, especially big perfume manufacturers. After all, we’ve had Prada and Armani phones from LG and Mandarina Duck handsets from Alcatel, so why not a Chanel model with just a hint of its famous No5 fragrance?

Will Samsung’s scratch and sniff handsets enjoy the sweet smell of success? Or does this idea stink to high heaven? Tell us in the comments section.

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